vault smear

Hi ladies,

6 months ago i had a full hysterectomy following treatment for cervical cancer, although i have had check ups since i am due to have a vault smear on thursday and am unsure what to expect with this and what they will be looking for. Any info or advice would be great, feeling nervous :(


Amy xx#


I had a radical hysterectomy 10 months ago and I haven't had one of these yet so can't really comment. From looking at nhs website though, I believe they just take a sample of cells and that this is part of the hysterectomy follow up rather than a screening process! I'm sure if will be painless and over in moments :) best of luck x

Hi Amy,

I had my hysterectomy in December so I haven't had my first vault smear either. I did understand from my Consultant though that it would be like a regular smear except they would take cells from across the top section of the vagina. He assured me this was routine but necessary as cc patients do have a slightly higher risk of vagina cancer ( when compared to the general healthy population). A small increased risk but never the less needing a precautionary routine regular check. My vault smears will be yearly for a couple of years and then the time in between will revert to the regular smear timetable if results are good.

Hope this helps. Love to know how you go so I know what to expect!

Stargazing x



thanx for ur comments ladies, i have just come back from my vault smear. worried about nothing it was just like having a normal smear - not painful in the slightest, my consultant said all looks normal and he expects negative results which is great but not counting my chickens just yet! he also said provided results are good i wouldnt need to go back for another just my rountine follow up appointments with him in the clinic.


thanx again,

Amy xxx