vagina infec

Hello am wondering if anyone has had same or can help i have cin3  go for lletz u der ga on 28th nyway am in so much pain down there so i went to the gp he examend me witch i cryd n pain when she did it she sed to me oh you have a skin infection she gave me 2% thrush cream t try i sed to her is it thrush h sed no so am  confusd s to y she gave me thecream? Am not itchy at all its just relly bad pn in my vgina wall it has now spreded to wht feels like my bum sory tmi and odd time inside my leg cn nyone plz help xxx

Sorry about spelling silly ipad 

Hi hun know how u feel...I thought had thrush and then had spots appear. ..went to docs and shr gave me anti biotics as I had urine infection , infection from lettz and she said had skin infection..she didn't give me cream as she said the anti biotics would cover all 3 she just suggested salt baths ...I felt really run down n poorly with it all x

Am fed up ov the pain now am sorry if this is to much info but the only way i can explane it is its like someone got there fingers nside me pushing on m sides is tht  what u had xx

I Didnt have that kinda pain no..I get a feeling of heaviness down there when im on my period but no other time...sorry cant be of much help unsure on that it constant pain? X

It was not at fist but its got more pain full it can last from 5 min 2 few hrs its suh a funny psin the knd were u no it shud not b therearrr :( xxx