hi everyone i have posted on here befor i am 24 with a 5 year old son (my world) i had a smear came back borederline had colp biopsis came back CIN3 i am going for a view to treatment on the 17th dec any way what i wonted to no is for the last 2 years i have been in the docs more times than owt and i wonderd if my symptoms the ill feeling i get could be to do with the CIN3 .i have hip pain like you have neva none and in my legs they go num alot i had a xray last year on them but was fine so on relly strong painkillers i am always tird i could sllep all day and nite. i can not use tampons as the pain is to bad i lose a lot of blood each month  and sex is wayy of the cards i can not have anything in me as the pain is to bad (sorry TMI) good job am gay relly lol :) but anyway i just wonderd if any of this could be to do with cin 3

any info would be fab thank you xx