Please Help- in pain days after smear

hi ladies, I would be so grareful for any feedback. I have very bad internal pain now four days after smear. The nurse was very nice and tried to put me at ease. I have had no bleeding. I can’t get a doctors Appointment until later in the week and am so worried. The pain is like burning and also hurts when I move. Has a muscle been pulled? Or could I have thrush although I had no pain before? So worried. Has this happened to anyone else and how long did it take for the pain to go? Thank you in advance for any replies or advice.

Hey Sasha,

I'm kind of in the same boat as you. The last few months I've noticed I've been bleeding after sex and having painful sex but put it down to my partner working away a lot and not being 'used' to it. I had my smear 3 weeks ago and it hurt so much I had to ask the nurse to stop. Have had pain ever since. I managed to get a cancellation appointment today and said that she couldn't see anything but obviously was not normal so have appointment with gynae in 2 weeks. 

Get an appointment when you can, and try not to worry (she says)

Take care x

Hi Charob,

Thank you for your reply and sorry to hear you have similar problem! I had a phone call from the nurse in the end who also told me that she did not see anything untoward and that it xoukd have been because I was tense. I did thrush treatment last night in case it was irritated; worth a try to see if it sorts the problem out. I hope you get on ok with your appointment.

Hi, I have same problem as you ,its been 4 days now after smear,and have like period pain ache, and the same as you, how long did yours last for?   any advice appreciated, thanks Jayne.