Vaccine when HPV+

Hi all, I’ve just been diagnosed a couple of weeks ago and now wondering about the vaccine. I know it won’t ‘treat’ and active infection but surely it’s got to give your immune system a boost as it will create the 16 and 18 antibodies. Anybody else done this?

Yes definitely get it my gynecologist said we should all get it and that is crazy that is not free for us take care

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My oncologist said it wouldnt do any harm but really theres no point. As I’m in a stable relationship and the HPV viruses “hunt in packs”, I would already have immunity to the one that caused my cancer plus a handful of others. The others in the vaccine I wouldnt come across unless I changed partner

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There is research showing if you have treatment to remove abnormal cells, taking the vaccine alongside the treatment may reduce the risk of the abnormal cells recurring.