Any one get the HPV vaccine after CC treatment?

Hi everyone,

I recently found out I can get the HPV vaccine at my local pharmacy—since im single & have been abstinent since treatment I figure it’s probably a good idea for me to get that jab in case treatment did clear my HPV. I guess my question is, has anyone done this or been advised to do this? I know my bloods are back to normal and im healthy enough to get a vaccine in general at this point and I figure it can’t hurt. I know the vaccine and it’s relationship with CC is too new to have been studied enough for a standard of care recommendation, but logically it does make sense for women treated for CC to get it to avoid recurrence. Any thoughts?

I would also love to hear what the thoughts are on this as I have been wondering whether to do this as well.

Thanks in advance to anyone that responds xx

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I got the vaccine last weekend, who knows if it will help but my pharmacist at Costco (was the one to administer it) told me candidly that although the studies are so new & not enough information has yet been gathered, he would also get the vaccine if he were in my position. I guess the thought is that it can’t hurt, but it’s possible that it stimulates your body to recognize HPV as something your immune system should attack. That’s one theory about it out there anyway :woman_shrugging: