Hpv vaccination

I am wondering wether if I test negative to hpv can I have the vaccination?

obviously I know you have to pay.


just wondering if anyone else has been in same situation? I'm 25












spoke to gp about this today she said if you are negative for hpv you can have it but you have to pay for it

Hi there

Even if you are testing negative it unfortunately doesn't mean you don't have it. They think that the virus lies dormant and during this dormancy you will test negative.  No harm in having the vaccine in my opinion though if you want it!  Particularly since the jab protects against multiple strains so will protect you against anything you don't already have.  Hope that helps.

Yeah I agree it doesn't mean you don't have it but I always think no harm in extra help against infections :) 


Hi , after my cone biopsy my Doc suggested i get it done straight away to try trigger some form of immune response.

So i did, and need a booster shot in Nov. i hope it does something. i think there are varied opinions on whether it helps or not.

Did you have to wait for your results first? And did you pay for it?


thanks sx

i didnt wait for my results, my doc suggested i go as soon after cone bopsy as possible. paid for it myself. 

Ok thanks my consultant didn't mention it 

i should get results in next week or so I'll see xz