HPV Vaccine AFTER cc diagnosis

Hey All

I have been knocking around here a few weeks now after a stage 1b1 diagnosis on August 21st and my hysterectomy is booked for October 15th.

I have been thinking about the HPV virus and vaccine. Sorry if this sounds really dumb - but how do i clear the virus from my system? Is it worth me having the HPV vaccine to prevent any new infection in the future or would it be a pointless exercise now?

thanks x

Hiya, good question. Sorry Im no help. Good luck for the 15th x

Hi, in the cervical cancer/HPV Vaccine / FAQ section of the main Jos site it says that there is currently no vaccine for women who have had cervical abnormalities or cervical cancer. However on the forum I have seen some discussion esp from those with persistent HPV and CIN about whether the vaccine can help prevent different strains of HPV. The vaccine is available privately and I think it's unlikely unless you can Google persuasive evidence that u could get a doc to give to u on NHS. I would be really interested to hear if anyone has recently had any success with this. I also think the vaccine is really aimed at preventing HPV strains so not sure if you already have a strain of HPV whether it would help (although it could be argued it would prevent other strains of HPV)  I don't have any personal experience of the vaccine, just did a quick scoot on the website as I'm interested in the answer as obviously I would be keen not to get HPV again. 

On another note all the best for your op xxx 

Hmmm yes...i guess its a bit like closing the gate after the horse has bolted!

I am going to ask my consultant when I speak to her next. I guess if they thought it would have any effect, they would offer it as part of your treatmen. Oh well, no harm in asking x

There was a talk on hpv at the latest jostrust let's meet event. The bottom line with the hpv vaccine is that they don't know if it will help people from being reinfected with hpv or not. They are not sure if hpv lies 'dormant' and comes back again or if you are reinfected with it, Or it is a combination of bth. There are some doctors who believe the hpv vaccine can help even after infection and others who are adamant it can't.  there is also a new vaccine which is called guardasil 9 which they think protects against more strains.  If I was single and potentially at risk of being infected with other strains then I think I would have it. That's just my personal stance!  highly unlikely you will get it on the nhs though. X

I have to say that I don't know very much about the HPV vaccine but vaccines generally work by giving you a tiny dose of the disease, small enough for your body to be able to develop the antibodies to fight it. If you have already been infected and not produced the antibodies to fight it then a vaccine should, theoretically, be p**sing into the wind.

Be lucky :-)

Hi, I don't have cc but persistent hpv infection... I had the Gardisil shot shortly after my LLETZ in 2007... And yep... I still have hpv. However, I hadn't met my husband at that point, so it may offer some protection if you aren't already infected with the strains in the vaccine or haven't met your life partner yet. Interestingly my husband has had genital warts ( few months before we met) he never passed it to me - possibly because I was protected from the vaccine.