HPV+ - get the vaccine?


I missed out on the HPV vaccine due to my age - I'm 30. I found out after my first ever cervical screening that I had HPV and have had it since. I've also got low grade dyskaryosis.

I'm considering booking and paying for the vaccine privately. I realise that it's a preventative rather than therapeutic vaccine so it can't cure existing infections but I've read a few things which seem to suggest that it's worth getting even if you are already infected with HPV. I've read conflicting information about whether it does or doesn't reduce cervical cell changes. 

I'm married and have been with my husband for over a decade so I'm not expecting to have any new sexual partners which would put me at risk of becoming infected with other strains of HPV.

Has anyone else had the vaccine after an infection? What do people think - is it worth getting it even though I already have high risk HPV? 


Thanks for sharing this, I guess I was reminded with this one. Awesome! 



i have high risk hpv and I am getting the vaccines to see if I can prevent myself from getting the other serious ones.  Don’t know if it will work, but I’ve gotta try anything to protect myself.