I am around 10 days post trachelectomy and have a catheter in. I am experiencing a dull ache in my lower stomach as if I need to empty my bladder, a slight stinging feeling and urine with strong odour. Does anyone know if this could be a UTI? When I have looked online it says these are symptoms along with fever and high temperature but I don’t have those. Not sure where to go, the hospital said any issues with catheter to go to A&E but that’s the last thing I want to do. I am due to get the catheter removed on Monday so not sure if I should just wait it out. Anyone with advice welcome X

I have scarred kidneys and have alot of problems with uti's and sorry for the late reply but I never had a fever either s burning when u use the toilet but so much so it feels like you always need it. I also felt like I had a thread tied to my belly button and it was always being pulled especially when using the bathroom. The problem is everyone is different and that is how I know. Different people show different symptoms. Hope this helps somehow

 But you shouldn't have to feel such pain and make things worse hun xxxx

Love to you 


Hi HarleeKwin

Thank you for replying to my post I might call the hospital tomorrow and see what they say as I don't want to makes things worse. Gosh scarring on your kidneys doesn't sound too nice, sorry to hear that. 

Hi there. It is very common to get a uti when you have/had a catheter in. Better get it checked out. Minor symptoms can escalate quickly. I had several after my hysterectomy. Safe rather than sorry would be my advice.


Drink drink drink. Then drink some more. It sounds very like a uti (I had catheter for weeks)   if it's coming out Monday I wouldn't worry to much. Did I mention drink? 

Water and heaps of it. It will help flush out your bladder. 

Thank you everyone. I have been drinking lots I might call later on and see what the hospital says. It isnt too uncomfrtosble any more just not pleasant odour.. TMI haha X 

You've got a water infection take a water sam to the doctor for antibiotics it's important that its treated quickly as it can make you very very poorly I've been hospitalised over water infections several times xx

Hi Carmel

I ended up back in to get my bladder monitored and mentioned it to the nurse who said I had a mild infection so gave me some antibiotics which was great but pretty sure they made me sick. Feeling a lot better now though. x