I'm 8 weeks today post radical hysterectomy. Self- catheterising 3x daily -my bladder just won't get into gear! I'm also on my 3rd urine infection. Does anybody have any advice or been in a similar situation to me? 

I start chemo/rad on Tuesday and could really do without this! 




Hi N. Not sure I had the same thing, but after my RH I had a catheter for a week with a UTI half way through that week. After it was removed and ever since that time (nearly 3 years ago now) my bladder has lost sensitivity and I have to remember to go to the loo. When I go I have to "push" it out, as though I am bearing down on the bladder. I also lean forward on the loo as that position helps to empty the bladder. I guess if you are only self catheterising 3 times a day then it is many hours before you are going, which might make it more likely that you are getting UTI's. I was referred to urology and they said do pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the muscles down there. I do try to drink a fair amount and regularly, and go every 3-4 hours. Not sure that helps you much, but I do empathise with your situation. When you start chemo rads, you have to drink a lot of fluid, so I guess you will need to self catheterise more often. But hopefully you can get it working soon. Good luck with the next phase of treatment. 

hi, I had my hysterectomy 5 weeks ago, had catheter in for 10 days and have also had 2 uti's! Quite annoying isn't it? I've started taking cranmed tablets which is supposed to help so will see how that goes in the next few weeks.

im the same as Rachael that my bladder is a bit the same, I struggle to go and have to bear down and lean forward to push it out! It's like I'm going for a number 2. 

Hopefully you get to the bottom of its uti's and hope we don't get anymore! I've actually bought the strips to test myself.



Brilliant advice ladies. I can go myself inbetween catherterizing but i'm only draining small amounts. I have to push too, but was worried I was causing damage. Leaning forward and cranmed sound like a plan! I bought the test strips yesterday from amazon too!