UTI but not usual symptoms

Hi Ladies, 

I had a trachelectomy 8 weeks ago.  After having my catheter out my bladder felt a little strange.  I figured it was just a little annoyed after the catheter and when I rang the ward they seemed to agree.

It's still niggling me now, so I decided to go to my docs for a urine dip test.  This showed that i do have a UTI and I have antibiortics.

I just can't shake the feeling that its not a normal UTI. I have had plenty of UTI's in the past (burning, weeing often, always feeling like you need to go).  Over the past few weeks i've had days where I'm fine and then days where I feel like I need to go fairly often and have a weird 'itchy/tickly' feeling when urinating, plus my bladder seems to get full very quickly.

So my question is, has anyone else had a UTI with symptoms different to the typical???  

As all you ladies know, your mind goes into overdrive with these things so if anyone has expereinced the same i'd LOVE to hear

Thanks! xx

Hi Nellie :-)

Itchy/tickly is a really common sensation when damaged nerves are healing, all the way from a grazed knee to huge surgical procedures. I know how difficult it is not to imagine that there is something sinister going on but our minds do play nasty little tricks on us so do try your hardest to ignore that side of things. See how you go with the antibiotics and if you are still concerned when you have finished the course go back to your doctor. I know my bladder became inflamed and showed up thick on my first CT scan after my cancer treatment so I had to go and see a urologist. I'm afraid I cannot now remember the symptoms but yes, it was a simple bladder infection that went away in due course.

Be lucky


Sounds just like cystitis to me...a course of the antibiotic trimethoprim will sort it right out for you. It is very common after your operation and you may continue to suffer with them for a while! H x

Hi, just to let you know the antibiotics worked! Wish I'd gone to the docs sooner and not drove myself crazy worrying. Lesson learned! Xxx