11 days post op infection and bad pain

Hi all just a quick one I'm 11 days post op from keyhole radical hysterectomy. Over the weekend I've had a leaking catheter which they think is caused by an infe tigon so now on antibiotics, I have also been getting excrutiating waves of pain in my groin area similar to a really bad period pain, I don't know if this pain is because of the infection or it's trapped wind or something more sinister, I'm panicking a bit that's something's gone wrong inside, can anyone tell me what pains they had after there op, and the cause.

Thankyou all xx

Poor you. Your infection is a UTI? They are painful and can make you feel really rough and low. You have to drink and drink and drink water preferably but anything will do. This will help flush out the infection. Who is looking after your catheter? GP or the hospital? I didn't tell you this but a ring to the urology department at the hospital you had your op might be able to reassure/advise you further. The pain is probably because if the infection and the catheter, they are really really horrible! Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon and give you some relief. Trust yourself and your body and if you start feeling loads wirse do not suffer in silence. 

Thanks for your reply 365, really has bedn a horrible weekend and the infection has floored me. It's the hospital looking after the catheter so spoke to my McMillan nurse today told her whats gone on and my symptoms she's spoke to my specialist and he's said if I dont feel better within 24 hours to go straight in, so fingers crossed I do feel better soon I've seen enough of that place plus got a catheter removal trial Thursday and I get my results on Friday so quite a week 

Hi Krs,

Sorry you are having a rotten time :-( It's a HUGE operation and your body will need time to recover. I didn't have a UTI or catheter difficulties but I had a dreadful time with trapped wind and no bowel movement so I was on a drip for weeks because I couldn't eat. I remember crying myself to sleep convinced that it had all gone terribly wrong and I would be a 'sick person' for the whole of the rest of my life. But it didn't last long. It will get better, it does get better. 

(((((HUGE HUGS)))))