Catheter driving me mad

I had a radical hysterectomy last Tuesday and came home on Friday with a catheter. It dosent come out until Thursday and it's driving me mad.

Yesterday I went back to hospital because I was leaking some fluid that had blood in it. I thought it was urine but the registrar said it was probably coming from my vaginal cuff wound and was normal.

They refilled the catheter balloon just in case. And also a nurse moved the catheter sticker thing a bit to give me some more slack with the tube as the tension was a bit too much. 

But now my bladder feels uncomfortable. I feel like I need to pee all the time and I have a stinging sensation. I don't think I have an infection as my urine is clear.

Otherwise I'm healing fine but I'm finding the catheter uncomfortable. It wasn't at all uncomfortable the first couple of days.

Is this normal?


Just wanted to add that today I can hardly feel my catheter is there, so i guess yesterday was just a blip. Onwards and upwards!

Glad it’s better and glad you’re doing ok after your hysterectomy.  Mine is in 2 weeks so I’ve been reading your posts.  Prayers for continued healing. 

Hiya Carriet

Thank you. As you can see from my posts and the other ladies on here - hysterectomy is not that bad. I've had some days when i've felt rough but on the whole i feel im getting a bit better every day. I've had some discomfort but no real pain. 

Best wishes for your op xx




Thank you! Eases my mind a little! ❤️

I had mine in for 2 weeks and it drove me mad the second week. I had to have it put back in because I couldn’t empty my bladder fully after a twoc after the first week. All seems to be returning to normal now though. I had my rad hysterectomy on Valentine’s Day 

Hope you don’t have to put up with your catheter for too much longer. Oh a funny thing though the first night I had it out I was dreaming about going to the toilet and actually wet myself a little bit! I think I’d got too used to not weeing by myself!

Hi Alice

Im having my twoc today. The nurse took my catheter out at 8:15 this morning and I'm going back at 12:30 for a bladder scan. Have managed two dribbly wees so far but everything feels weird and numb.

I hope I pass the test!