Urgent Referral abnormal spot on cervix


I am new to this forum and I just wondered if anybody here as been through something similar to what I am currently experiencing.


for approx 6 months I have been experiencing randomly bleeding and brown discharge between periods which has become worse and happens most days. The last 2 months I have been bleeding after sex along with very long heavy periods & Iv also had some pretty painful pains in my right side (which I didn’t think would be linked) so took a trip to the GP who took a look at my cervix & immediately found as what she described a very round spot that was bleeding, and bled more when she touched it. It wasn’t a polyp & wasn’t sure if it was erosion as it was just one very round bloody ulcer type thing. She was very much in the middle if it’s cancer or hormone related and has put me on the uregent cancer pathway.

I am very stressed & worried & I just wanted to seek some comfort if anybody else has experienced something similar & it’s turned out to be positive? I am only 29 with a little girl. Family just keep telling me “it’s fine” but they weren’t in the room with me when the GP said it could be cancer, so I am quite stressed with them telling me it’s fine over & over. 

Thank you for listening

B x 




I’m sorry that you’ve found yourself in this forum.

I probably can’t do anything to relieve your anxiety and stress either and no one can tell you it definitely isn’t cancer. It may be hormone related but without a biopsy you won’t know for definite. The waiting is the worst.

Whatever it is you got this.



Thank you for your reply.

that is my frustration, of course I don’t want anyone to tell me it’s cancer but instead of my family telling me it’s fine (because who knows) id just appreciate them listening to my worries as il only listen to the consultant tell me it’s fine.

Yes the waiting is absolutely the worst! 

Sorry to see you have been through a terrible time yourself. 

Thank you again 

B x 

Hey Blaire, 

It’s such a horrible time, this really is the worst bit, you go through every emotion, your irrational thoughts take over and like you said your nearest and dearest constantly tell you it’s ok, my hubby made me want to scream the house down telling me it’ll be fine. 

I hope very much for you that it turns out to be nothing sinister but if it does you will find the strength to deal with whatever they throw at you. My GP told me my cervix looked completely fine and it had a 2cm tumour on it so they do make mistakes sometimes. 

I spent my waiting times planning for the worst and hoping for the best and trying not to strangle the hubby! 

I hope you don’t have too long to wait, it’s a 2 week pathway I think which feels like forever but hopefully they will get you in quick. 

Try to do things that might take your mind off it and take everything you read on the internet with caution, it’s easier said than done, the hours I spent on google. 

Much love to you, big virtual hugs, try to stay positive. 

Love Emma xxx 

what would you prefer for them to say oh yes it is cancer, or oh yes, keep worrying?  They are probably just as worried and saying words of comfort to you...My family did the same and it kept my mind from going into negative mode.