Consultant clinic appointment tomorrow

I have an appt with my consultant tomorrow regarding some irregular bleeding that has reared its head up again. My erosion that was cauterised has gone so i know it cant have been the cause of my losses. I bleed the most with bowel movement, sometimes its bright and sometimes dark. Ive no infections, no polyps, fibroids etc as had a pelvic and abdominal US last month, so i guess anything big and troublesome would have been seen on it?! My exo cervix are healthy and had punch biopsies back in Sept. Clear results, just have the hpv virus. When I’ve mentioned glandular changes or cancer i was told Cgin would have been picked up on my last 2 smears (2010 and 2013) with my next due next year. Also the fact that when they cauterised my erosion they took biopsies from neck of womb. I was reassured that this would have picked something up in the endocervical canal. I have also been reassured that based on my age (30) it is so unlikely that i have endometrial cancer, plus my US said my womb and ovaries looked fine! I cannot pin point what else could be causing my bleeding? It can last 2-3 weeks, then eases off, leaving me with weird discharge, back and hip ache, sometimes goes down my leg. Night sweats, nausea, fatigue. Can symptoms go to advanced stage in 9 months as i bled mildly on 3rd Feb and a bit more in April and now its 9th Nov. Would a fbc have picked something up in my blood cells? Im incredibly scared, mum two toddlers 3 & 2
;-( xx

I can't help answer your questions but wanted to wish you Good luck for tomorrow . I really hope something gets resolved for you quickly. Sounds like you're having a stressful  time :( xx

Also unable to help but wanted to wish you good luck x

Good luck today x x