Last smear clear but got a 2 week referral for abnormal looking polyp

Hi everyone. Just putting my story out there. I have been having pain in my lower pelvis since my two miscarriages last year. In the last two month I've had a really light brown spotting only a few days a month always in the middle. I went to my docs for the fourth time on Friday. She did an examination and started panicking. she told me to get dressed and she would explain. She drew me a picture of my cervix and told me she had found a polyp type growth but it didn't look normal. She has referred me for a two week gyn app. She said my previous smear and miscarriage wouldn't make a difference. It was just the way she acted as there was some blood when she prodded me. It's got me in a mad panic. I have also been feeling full on rage for the past 8 weeks a bit like the few days before my period. Not sure if it's linked. I am such an anxious person and is driving me mad with worry 


thanks for reading xxx 

Hi Bearface,

what a worrying time for you and it sounds like you have been through a lot in the last 12 months or so. With all that has gone on there could be a whole host of reasons for the spotting and back pain you are experiencing. The waiting stage is absolutely horrendous but in your case the chances are it is just a polyp. And my understanding is that polyps do bleed when they are prodded.  I really hope so. could the rage you have been feeling be stress ?- I would certainly be stressed if I had had to go to my GP 4 times! Also I would call the Macmillan helpline or this one,  and talk through your worries with them. The other thing to bear in mind is that, should your fears be confirmed, in many cases,  cervical cancer is very treatable. These were the words of my gyneacolonist at my first appointment.  I will keep everything crossed for you but here if you need to talk x

Hi Nelly

Thanks so much for your lovely message. I suffer from anxiety so I also tend to get symptoms as I am really really aware of them. If that makes sense

I honestly dont think i would feel as bad if she hadnt have acted the way she did. As soon as she said the C word I shut down and panciked so didnt listen. I just remember her saying 'its almost certainly a polyp' but since my miscarriages I wouldnt rule anything out xxx



Hi Nelly. Just an update for you as I think no one ever does when it's good news. I got the all clear today after a colposcopy and scan. I had a fantastic consultant who gave me the 'MOT' just wanted to say thanks for replying and thanks to this forum as although a good outcome for me I got a lot of strength from it during my scare. xxx

hi bear face I was just wondering did they removed the polyp?

Hi Dalz. No it didnt turn out a polyp. It was an ectropian, they referred me on two weeks because it bled when she did my smear. The consultant said it happens and the DR was just being cautious. She did say they would have only removed a polyp if it had been causing symptoms xxxx

oh that's good to hear! thanks for getting back to me.x