Urgent referral PCB and abnormal cervix

Hello everyone.

2 days ago i visited my GP as I have been experiencing post-coital bleeding for somewhere between 6-12 months. Hubby and I rarely find the opportunity for a roll in the hay these days, so embarrassingly we are probably only talking 4 occasions during that time.
She offered a speculum exam and after ”spot” on my cervix she was aiming for to get a swab. After poking around in there for a few mins she got what she needed and proceeded to tell me that she will be referring me to the hospital via the 2 week wait pathway.

She went on google and brought up an image of a cervix similar to how mine presented and I could have passed out on the spot - a bright red and angry looking thing. She explained that because of my age (39) and that I am in a stable marriage and not on any contraception that she is referring me for further investigation.
She did say this can be due to hormonal changes etc etc and that cancer was very low on her list of concerns, but the nature of my symptoms means I am a candidate for urgent referral.

I have always attended my smears and had one abnormal result early 2019 and had CNI3 high grade cell changes. Apparently a very small area and all was removed with LLETZ. 6 months after all clear. Recent smear Nov 22 all fine and dandy.

I wonder if my history is part of her reason for urgent referral.

Anyway, I am absolutely bricking myself and my already awful health anxiety is absolutely out of control.

I know no one has the answers I so desperately need,
And I just have to wait…. But I’d love to hear from anyone who has been through similar.

You’re all very lovely from what I have read.


Hope you will be ok im in smilar condition stay positive :heart:

Hi in similar situation and the wait is horrible - my urgent referral appears to have been passed back to my go with ‘advice’, that was a week ago and I’ve heard nothing from them so tomorrow I will contact them. It’s been nearly 3 weeks since my smear and the anxiety is so high so I can relate there. My smear has returned negative in the meantime.

Hopefully you get your appointment quickly and they can reassure you x

I wanted to come back and post in case it helps someone else going forwards.

I had my colposcopy today and after 2 weeks of going out of my mind with worry, the cause of bleeding was granulation tissue from the area where I had my LLETZ procedure almost 5 years ago.

This tissue can apparently present as red and bumpy and is also highly vascular an bleeds with minimal trauma.

It’s been treated with silver nitrate and hopefully won’t cause any more problems going forwards.

I’m so relieved.


Amazing news I bet you’re relieved! Is that like an ectropian? My colposcopy is Friday and I’m dreading it.

It’s not like an ectropian, but more like granulated scar tissue from the healing process from when I had my LLETZ procedure a few years ago.

Apparently it looks a lot more rough and bumpy than ectropian and I think that is why my GP was concerned and referred me. I’m glad she did.

They treat it in the same way as an ectropian though.

Thanks for clarifying. The nurse said I had an ectropian and a raised bumpy area that could be ectropian but she was unsure hence my referral (she didnt tell me the raised, bumpy bit at my smear I read it in my referral :woman_facepalming:t2::roll_eyes:) Hopefully it’s just ectropian :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

Fingers crossed for you!

Have you previously had a LLETZ? Or had a vaginal birth or any other sort of trauma to your cervix? Could explain the bumpy area. Not all healed tissue granulates but it certainly can do it seems

Just another potential explanation to consider that had even occurred to me…. Dr google certainly never suggested that could be the cause of PCB


Thank you. No I’ve not had a Lletz or children and no trauma I know of. Just a few more days and hopefully I’ll have some answers. Thanks for sharing your positive outcome though x

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