Urgent referral to Gynecologist

Hello, I visited my gp last week as I have  experiencing mid cycle spotting. I was expecting her to book me in for a smear as my next one is due in 8 weeks but instead she examined me and mentioned that my cervix was red and that due to my previous abnormal smear (cin2 6 years ago) that I needed to be referred to a Gynecologist. She referred me under the urgent referral process and my appointment is tomorrow. Does anyone know what I can expect to happen tomorrow? 


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Bit of a surprise for you but at least it's tomorrow so quick and not as much time to worry. 

I would guess a colposcopy will be done perhaps only available in the hospital due to equipment etc. Hope all goes ok.x 

Thank you for taking the time to reply, i was thinking maybe a colposcopy but hoping I was wrong as im on my period, I have rang the hospital who have told me that I should attend. 


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It is such a shock, i am goung through similar. I went to gp with abnormal bleeding between periods and after sex. She looked at my cervix and has urgently referred me. I had contact bleeding with lumps whuch she could see. My appointment has been bought forward to tomorrow.

Have you had your appointment yet?

Hello Noodles,

my appointment was this afternoon.

The gynaecologist examined me and said everything looked fine and he couldn't understand why I had been referred rather than gp requesting my smear test ( it's due in 8 weeks). He must of told me 5 times that I need a smear test and that i should arrange one. So I am none the wiser as to what is causing my bleeding but the fact that my cervix looks ok has put my mind at ease. 

Try not to worry too much, I no it's hard not to think the worse.

Hope it all goes well tomorrow


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Wow that's great news. I don't  know why drs worry us so much but at least you can relax a little :-)

I have my appointment today. I am convinced mine is advanced as every bit of pain i get i think it's spread.

Hello, sorry for the late reply I've been trying not to fret too much and to stop googling every little thing. 

How did you get on? 


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