Upper vaginectomy

Provisional date 16th November.

Should be in 2/3 days and out of action 2 weeks.

Right royally fed up with all this nonsense I can tell you.

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Good luck for 16th. Will be thinking of you. Let's hope they get this once and for all and you can get on with life.

Hope it all goes well for you.Sorry you have to go through it.

All the best.

Becky x

Wishing you all the best, and hoping it is the last time you have to go through this. Big hugs x x

I'm really sorry to read this, you have been through so much already. There can't be very much 'upper' left by now surely. Hoping you get better company in hospital this time around.

Very best wishes

Thank you. Had my few days sulk and back in the world of the living. 

Gearing myself up for pre ops and the logistics of being a single parent, living in the middle of nowhere, with pets, all that c**p that has to be sorted out. 

Whats also hard is not being able to find many people who have had the procedure. It's not very common. 


Thank you very much. This is very usefully for me

Are you having a vaginectomy Jaswil?

My Op has been postponed until 11th Deember but I'm trying to bring it forward so another Christmas isn't ruined.