Further Wait for Op

Hi Ladies

I was due to hear about having my pre-op this week with a view to having the op next week.  I hadn't heard anything and was getting paranoid checking my phone all the time so decided to phone the consultants secretary.

Apparently they are trying to book additional theatre time so now the pre-op is more likely to be next week with the op the week after that.  I am so upset as I was diagnosed on 2nd September and it seems so long that I have been waiting.  Unfortunately the consultant who is dealing with it was on holiday at the time, returned on 16th Sept and I had my consultation with him on 20th Sept.

Just told hubby and he said 'at least you can relax now'!  What!!!!  Relax!!!!!  I told him it meant that I was just going to be screwed up for a further week.

Sorry for whingeing, just wanted a bit of understanding and reassurrance from people that understand.  Guess there are lots of you that have had similar if not longer waits.


Hi Cheryl,

How annoying for you, just when you think the waiting is going to be over!

I was diagnosed on 22nd August, had my consultation 2 1/2 weeks later on Tues 10th Sept, pre op Tues 24th and op is booked for Mon 30th which would be a similar amount of time to what they have now told you. I know the waiting doesn't get any easier but we are all in the same boat.

Sorry I can't really be of much help. The best thing I have found is to enjoy the time before the op. Spend time getting things prepared for your time off and enjoy some little things you might not be able to do in the weeks after the op.

Big hugs

Katy xxx

Thank you Katy - it helps to know that others are in the same boat.  Guess some of the others are just lucky that they have their op much quicker.  Know my consultant also needs an assistant so that may cause a hold up getting them booked in.

Think it's just got to me today as I was originally told  a surgery date of 24th Sept, then it was sometime next week now it's been changed again.  It doesn't do my state of mind any favours keep changing it like that!

Wishing you lots of love and luck for your op on Monday.

Big hugs back!


I know exactly how you feel, I found out my diagnosis on the 28th August through my gp but ‘officially’ received my diagnosis on the 2nd sept so I have a waiting buddy :wink:
I’m waiting for a call tomorrow to see if I’m going in next week or 10th oct. I’ve personally found the lack of communication more stressful than the cc itself.
Hope you get an answer soon xx

Oh god the waiting is awful!! Yours sounds like it's moving much quicker than mine though, I was diagnosed on 16th August, and haven't even met my consultant yet! I don't even find out what my treatment will be until Monday :( I'm slowly going mad I think!! xxxx

That's exactly how I feel too - the waiting and not knowing what's happening next has definitley been more stressful than the cc itself - which is bad enough anyway.  Everybody says the waiting is the worst bit and I can well imagine it must be.

Hope you get your call for next week rather than 10th Oct.  Let me know how you get on.xx

Hi Tank, your waiting sounds awful and much worse than mine.  It plays havoc with our minds doesn't it and much as though we try to do things to take our minds off it, it's practically impossible.  And doesn't the time drag, a week seems like an eternity.

Good luck for Monday, let me know how it goes.xx

Any waiting is horrible though, like you say even a week is an eternity! When I got my letter inviting me to see the surgeon, it was 3 weeks away, and I balled my eyes out!! But, it's almost here, and I just want to get there and know what's going on! It's not until 1.30pm either so I'm sure I'll be eagerly sat in the waiting room at about 12 haha.

I will definitely update the forum on what happens. Fingers crossed for an outcome I'm happy with (well, not happy, but you know what I mean!)


Hi Cheryl

my surgery was about 6 weeks after my diagnosis a combination of holidays (consultants and mine) and then me not wanting to be in the hospital on my birthday. I know that the waiting is hard but i found using the time prior to surgery for me useful. And looking back 6 weeks post surgery i am glad i did, i got my hair cut, the house in order, and any other "errands" i needed to do. After surgery you will be tired and reliant on others for doing stuff for you plus there is the no driving and no lifting that for me has been the biggest bind, sure I can have my groceries delivered but i need help putting them away (no more big 6 pints of milk either).

As my consultant said they know about the cancer and it will be treated, remember that CC is slow growing so a few weeks won't hurt physically just the mental anguish.

anyway i hope this perspective helps


Thank you, if they don’t call by this afternoon, as promised, I will explode!! I keep telling them if they say they are going to call, then call! Even if they don’t have the info they need, it’s common courtesy!!
Fingers crossed for us all :slight_smile: xx

Hi Pat

Your reply is a big help, thank you.  Yes, it is the mental anguish that is the most upsetting.  I have got an appointment to have my hair cut this Friday as i thought the op would be next week and plan to do some more 'house jobs' this weekend.

I'm just dreading the op itself so it is a case of wanting to get it over and done with I guess!

Must admit I had thought about getting the groceries delivered but thanks for the tip about the milk!!  Wouldn't have thought about that but it's a good reminder to get things in smaller packages.



that's it exactly wanting to get the operation over with, i was due to be operated on first the day of my surgery, my consultant was doing me and then another lady for womb cancer so similar surgery.  Anyway she ended up going before me because of a nervous anathesiologist. For me it was so deflating and i was really upset because mentally i was due to be operated on at 9am and the nurse told me it would now be closer to 2pm. From that i've learnt it's never certain till they walk you to the theatre!



Hi Pat, you said you didn't want to go in on your birthday, did they give you much of a choice? I thought they'd set a date and it'd be set in stone!


Yes I'm hoping I will be earlier in the day rather than later but as you say it's never certain till it happens!  A nervous anathesiologist??? That doesn't sound great!  Daren't ask what he was nervous about!  One question I've got, do they give you a pre med like diazepam to calm you before you go down to theatre?



Hey Cheryl,

I had about a 6 week wait between diagnosis and surgery too, it felt like forever at the time but like Pat i used the time to prepare myself and the house etc and handovers at work.

I had to go in for 7am and wasn't taken down to theatre til 2pm, so seemed a very long wait. Not overly sure what I did for all that time but it seemed to go quickly! I didn't know until they came to get me whether I would be 11am or 2pm as it all depended on the previous patient. There's a lot of comings and goings with nurses asking you questions, meeting the aneasthiologist, having pre-op drinks, getting your surgery socks etc so it all flows through the day.

Best of luck with it all xx

I was exactly the same - both in terms of the wait between diagnosis and surgery and my times on the day itself! 


Initially i was a private patient but went NHS to have the surgery via the davinci robot, so this maybe why i was given dates as options. As i recall the lady scheduling the surgery called me with the first date and i was like - err no thanks, and then she can back with the next date, i thing she was a little shocked that i'd said no.  In retrospect it probably wasn't my smartest move but hey ho.

And i really don't want to worry anyone about the "nervous anathesiologist" the other lady had previously had a mini stroke hence his concern.  As Jo said you get asked a lot of questions that day of surgery before you get your theatre wear on Smile.  i do remember not exacting getting the warm fuzzies from this guy though as he asked me my questions, - "any health problems"? me - erm cancer. Probably my nerves not getting he meant any other health problems. Anyway when i went into the room to be knocked out, he was in the room but i was introduced to a lovely lady who looked after me - yea!

As to killing the time till i was taken down which ended up being from 8.30-12.30,  i went out to see my partner after promising on my first borns life that i wouldn't drink or eat, we sat in the waiting area which really wasn't as comfy as the other area behind the scenes. Then some lad walked in with a greggs sausage roll, torture to my starving self. At that point i decided to to go back to the other waiting area where no food was allowed! And spent the rest of the morning knitting, it didn't involve concentration and kept me busy.

sorry for the ramble here




Many thanks for all your replies ladies, they are a big help in knowing what to expect. 

What was the pre-op drink for Jo?  I have been told I will need to take Picolax the day before to clear myself out - nice!!

Just concerned (& hoping!) at the moment that I will be given something to relax me before I am taken down for the anaesthetic.  Strangely enough that is one of my biggest fears at the moment.  I will have a word with them about it when I go for my pre-op.


Hi Ladies

Just been reading through all your posts. I had a robotic radical trachelectomy 6 weeks ago & was a complete wreck on the morning of the op. I had managed to block it all out & hide all my  emotions until this point. The nurses and anaesthetist could see I was very nervous and gave me some diazepam to calm me down before my surgery. It's definately worth asking for. I only have vague memories of being in the anaesthetic room instead of nightmares. They do offer it so i'd recommend asking.

Good luck ladies & wishing you all the best


Hi there,

The pre-op drinks I had to have for 24 hours before hand to keep my energy up whilst I was nil by mouth. It was like a sports energy drink that I got at my Pre-Op assessment. I was supposedly on an 'enhanced recovery' program to get me up and about quicker. I had an epidural as well as GA but I ended up in hospital for twice as long as they said due to the epidural making my leg numb and being unable to get out of bed for 4 days!


If you tell them you're nervous they'll be able to give you something. The anaesthetic is the best bit! They usually attach a canula in the pre-theatre room and tell you it will feel like having a strong glass of wine - then you breathe in through a mask and away you go. I love that floaty feeling! Just lay back and think of a beautiful beach and the next thing you know you'll be awake in the recovery room being fussed over :)