Results are in. VAIN3 (again) partial vaginectomy proposed, inch and a half to be removed. It was totally what I was expecting treatment wise, but as always KNOWING is a million times better than waiting.


Hey Hun sorry to be a bit dumb what is vain? xx

VAIN is the vaginal equivalent of Cin. It's much rarer so don't go panicking!

I've never heard of it, hope all gets sorted xx

Really sorry to hear that 365 but I guess you were expecting it. When are they proposing to operate? Thinking of you and sending you lots of courage I'd that is possible!

Thanks Rachel. Yes it was what I was hearing myself up for. Like I said before it waa really irrelevant if they found Cancer or 'just' vain 3 because at this stage of the game the treatments the same. Going to have both Cons operating on me (get me!!) so they need to get together to discuss but def before Christmas. X

That sucks - sorry to hear that - great inspiration that you can still find the humour in the situation tho. Two's up! Lucky girl xxx 



So sorry it couldnt have been better news but guess the fact that it is what you thought makes it more bearable.  Hope it gets sorted very soon for you.

Big hugs


Hey julia, sorry about your results love. Let us know when your op date is. Love lea xxx

Hi julia had to come on hear to understand what's going on fully were all with you every step youv really been through it and as msjalian said your a true inspiration big hugs lisa from fb xx

Thanks guys. Ive REALLY struggled with this latest 'episode' just had enough really. 

3rd time lucky eh?!