Update on what’s happened since first post :)

Hey there lovely ladies! 

My apologies it’s taken a while to post for some reason it wouldn’t let me post or send messages :/ 

just wanted to write an update so de my last post asking opinions on my situation and then finding out it was confirmed CC!

so after a whirlwind of scans and tests I eventually got the results I’m stage 3 with affected lymph nodes :( 

decided to opt in for the interlace trial and drew out extra chemotherapy induction for 6 weeks before the dreaded daily radiotherapy and chemotherapy then onto internal radiotherapy:) 

still staying positive and taking things as they come had my first dose of chemo last week abd apart from a cold and swollen glands I’ve been feeling fine! 

Hope you’re all ok

denny xx

Hi Denny

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis but pleased you have a plan in place to move forward with. 

I wish you the very best with your treatment, I had the chemo radiation and brachytherapy and found it much more manageable than I ever expected and you will get some amazing support on here to get you through it.

lots of love and best wishes xx