Confirmed Stage 2b Grade 2 Squamous cell

So I have stage 2b grade 2 squamous cell cancer of the cervix with local lymph node involvement.

5 weeks of chemoradiation should start mid Jan then 3 × brachytherapy after that but need a PET scan and examinatiom under anaesthesia first to make 100% sure there is no spread elsewhere.

Still feel a bit in shock and trying to get head around it!

Anyone else with similar diagnosis have any advice re treatment, prognosis etc? xxxxxxxx

Hi Rhea

You have the exact same diagnosis as I have! And almost by the sounds of it treatment. I am not allowed chemo due to organ transplants I have had and would do more damage than good. So just radiotherapy and alot of hope from everyone off of this angel of a website. It is truly a God send and has so many amazing womenin.i started my treatment on Thursday 1St December and have had 2 sessions as we get to have the weekend off. But you will also (opinion only) be told you need brachytherapy which I have been told will be a very long and arduous day but anything is more than worth it to say goodbye to.its basically internal treatment.If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will answer them if I can,just private message me. I am sorry you had to find this website but it is the most wonderful place. No judgement no medical jargon and all welcomed with open arms and lots of virtual hugs.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you Rhea 

HarleeKwin xxxx (sending lots if hugs)

Ps I won't lie to you the physical examination under general anaesthetic was not nice when I woke up. More the packing left in there as I'm a bleeder. Pain was always kept under control so don't panic! It's alot to take in but at least u found out sooner! (even tho I bet it felt like forever) please keep us posted and take a few days to let it sink in AND DO NOT GOOGLE! Worst thing to do. Come on here if you have questions xxxxx

Sorry for the long message 

HarleeKwin xxxx 

Sorry missed a bit out.

Mine hadn't spread anywhere else apart from the fact that they took to long diagnosing it and by then spread to lymph node(local like yours)

Sorry thought I answered everything 

HarleeKwin xxxx

Thanks HarleeKwin,

It's nice to speak to someone just starting their treatments, sorry yours took so long to diagnose! 

Is radiation treatment every day then?! They didnt tell me that! : (

Brachytherapy does sound like a tough one but only 1 a week for 3 weeks and if it will finish "it" off then its worth it! Dont like the sound of dilators though! : O : s

By the way love the name! xxx

Hi rhea

im a 2b squamous girl as well. Yes the radio will be everyday(mon-fri) for about 5-6weeks. It doesn't hurt getting it. You just lay on a table and the machine moves around you. It only takes a few minutes each day. I was in and out of the clinic in 10 minutes. Chemo is once a week, it's a drug called cisplatin. Your hair will not fall out! Chemo day is a long day. its administered through an intravenous drip.

Expect to be at the clinic all day On chemo day. You will have weekly appointments with a chemo dr and a radio dr. Get use to lots of appointments. Internal radio will be ok. It's not as bad as you think. This procedure will vary depending on the type of machine they have at the clinic you will be attending.

This is doable!!! It's not going to be like the movies. Follow the instructions set out and don't be afraid to tell them any issues. You don't have to suffer in any way! Most women get to week three before side effects start to come on. The most common are diarrhea and fatigue. 

Good luck and feel free to post how you are getting on or if you have questions. 

You are not alone you will be ok!!


i was also staged at 2b with one local  lymph node involved.  I had an internal exam under anesthesia yesterday and will say that while the bleeding is more intense my back no longer hurts (it has been hurting so bad that I can barely think).  I am not sure if the doctor moved the tumor off of something, but whatever she did I feel so much better.  I am supposed to start treatment next week - 5 weeks of radiation 5 times a week and then chemo 1 day a week for this 5 weeks.  After that then there are three overnight hospital stays for the brachytherapy and then 3 sessions of chemo over a 6 week period (this chemo is more intense and I will lose my hair).   I had high creatine levels yesterday so now they are checking my kidneys before treatment starts.

i was told radiation days will be in and out and radiation/chemo days will be long days.

i can't give any advice yet, but will post weekly once I start treatment.  Keeping you in my thoughts and I will post once treatment starts.  

69 years old - widow

3-31-2106 - heavy bleeding went to ER

4-2016 - diagnosed with cervical cancer - stage 4 - no organs affected, one lymph node involved

5-2016 - I refused treatment - more afraid of the treatmebt than the cancer

9-2016 - I was sick the entire month - vomiting and diarrhea, kept nothing down - thinking it was related to the cancer I told my family I would do treatment. I was more afraid of the cancer than the treatment at this point The sickness ended up being an intestinal bug. I had already started all the retests, tumor has grown, but does not appear to have spread.

12-2016 - went in for thorough exam under anesthesia. Re-staged at stage 2b - tumor encompasses the cervix and has grown up into the vagina, but not to the side or down. There is concern over high creatine levels. Treatment to start.

Hi lolli888,

Thanks for commenting. Glad that treatment isnt too bad but shocked its 5 days a week. Gonna have to try get my head around childcare as I have 2 little ones. 

How do you feel now that treatmemts are over, physically; as I wiĺl be relocating to North Wales from Sussex and startinvg a new job within a couple weeks of finishing treatment?!

What was your experoence of brachytherapy; as I was told I would initially need spinal and sedation but would be awake for treatments so I am confused?! 


Hi DeeDee22,

Thank you for commenting and good luck with treatment!

I am glad that the pain has eased, I hope I get that as taking paracetamol, codeine and morphine and still in pain! : ( 

Why do you have to do overnight stays for brachytherapy and why seperste chemo as noone mentioned that to me?! : s

Also my creatinime is a bit high too but they just think its dehydration but I will ask them about it at consultant appointment on 14th.


Hi again

keep in mind that everyone is different but I was feeling good within a few weeks with everyday having more energy. I too had a little one as I was diagnosed when i was off of work on maternity leave. 

You will really need to be mentally strong to be able to keep up by the end of treatment. I was in bed quite early near the end from exhaustion of travelling to appointments and baby and house but I managed ok. 

Im back to work now and actually feel great. I do get some stiffness in my hips but it is slowly easing away. 

Brachy for me was about 4-5 hours long. I was sedated with drugs but would occasionally wake up through the period. It involved getting set up. Bloods,pressure,drip, then moved into a different room. Sedated, that's when they would insert the rods,take a digital exray, moved over to MRI then they would have a little meeting about how long and what strength the radiation would be. Sometimes this took awhile and I was usually awake(no pain at any time) then they would hook up the wires to the rods and everyone would leave the room. Took about 8-10 minutes. They came back and would start to removed all the packing and rods. Then wheeled over to recovery and done.  

Some places involve an overnight stay and there are some posts if you search brachy experience. 

I'm not sure why some people have a stronger chemo drug but from what I have pieced together it is because the tumour is quite big or very dense. Cisplatin is the usual norm for treatment with the radio. It is a platnum drug that helps the effects of radio 

hope that helps you a bit

Hi Rhea

You have the same diagnosis as me. Im 2b with lymph node involvement (only one!). I just finished chemoradiation a few weeks ago. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask me. 

I had brachytherapy over 3 days straight so stayed in hospital for 2 nights and 3 days. Stayed in an isolated room. 

You will overcome this. The weeks fly by. We are all here for you so shout out whenever you need. 

big hugs 

Rosie xx

Thanks Lolli888,

Thats really helpful!


Thanks Rosie! xxx


i think the overnight for the brachytherapy is to keep me in an isolated room and implant the radiation for 2 nights.

the separate chemo is part of something called the Outback Study - I am in the US and will keep you posted as I learn more.

Hi DeeDee22

Ooh good luck in study and yeah USA and UK do seem to have slightly different protocols. xxx

Just here to cheer all you 2b girls along. I was a 2b girl five years ago and am now fit and well. That doesn't stop me from poking my nose into everybody else's business though :-)

Wishing you all the best for your treatment!
Be lucky :-)

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Thats excellent Tivoli! Poke away lol  xxx

Hey Rhea

Sorry for the late reply, but as the girls said to you in the later messages radiotherapy is in and out. I have been told nothing about brachytherapy (only what I've read on here) my Dr said wait until we get closer to the time. I believe the overnight is due to the need of being in isolation as the radiation is quite intense when performed internally. My Dr said most ppl have an epidural type procedure but that depends on the procedure as I was told threading it in isn't easy even with x ray and ultrasound to help. I'm not thinking about that stage yet getting ready for ny 3Rd treatment tomorrow. I am exhausted I won't lie! But I would put 40% of it to the treatment and the other 60% to the travelling. And when they say they will give you tattoos it's nothing like it sounds and u don't feel a thing so don't worry about that,as they are for alignment on every weekday treatment so they can centre the machine on the prepared dots.

It sounds scary and is alot to take in but besides the travelling as my treatment isn't local it's nothing like the scary pictures going round in your head. And you meet so many lovely people! Will keep my fingers crossed for you (and thanks for the compliment about my name,used to go to conventions dressed as her,she is always asked for)

Sorry again for long winded message. And the bit I'm finding most difficult at the moment is dealing with it mentally. I have been begginfor help even from my macmillan nurse but she either never calls back or doesn't pick up. I myself am a high risk patient due to operations transplants and medication I have to take for life. I was promised help and still hasn't sunk in and being treated yet feel empty and somewhat lost. An almost surreal this can't really be happening it's just a dream kind of thing. And yes this sounds bad but the girls here have put up with me and helped me with anything they can. Besides this hospital renowned for bad care.

Don't fret we can get through this and help others through after!

Lots of hugs kisses

And always listen to Lolli and tivoli they REALLY know their stuff 

Virtual hugs for everyone 

HarleeKwin xxxxxxxx

Glad ot isnt as bad as it seems but I am sorry you arent getting much support from macmillan nurse; especially with everything else you have going on. You have all of us on here no matter what! Us teal ladies have to stick together! : ) xxx

We always will on here Rhea that is why I love this forum