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I have been for my appointment with the consultant this morning.  I was told in hospital last week that my cc was grade 1b2 after I was admitted following I infection after my loop procedure.  Today after having an mri Tuesday the consultant has told me that I actually have stage 3 cc.  I has spread throughout my cervix to the uterus both sides of my vaginal walls and into my lymph nodes.  I've been told I will need chemo and radiotherapy 1st before they can do a hysterectomy and removal of my lymph nodes and was just wondering what everyone's experience of chemo and radiotherapy was as I am feeling quite anxious about the treatment itself .


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Rachel xx

Hi Rachel,


So sorry you have found yourself in this position but you have the right place.


Ikwas very very scared about my treatment ( chemo rads and brachy therapy) and although it wasn't pleasant it wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined it.


If you click on my username you can find my topic about my treatment. 


I am  19 months out and doing great. I am one of the lucky ones that doesn't have many sideeffects from treatment. Apart from very mild neuropathy ( my toes feel numn) my body just feels the same as it did before.


Hi Rachael,

I am sorry to hear that your diagnosis is worse than you thought. I won't go into my experience of radiotherapy and chemotherapy as people that have had it done more recently can explain it better. However I just wanted to wish you luck and to let you know that I had stage 3 and that will be 25 years ago next year! Covid permitting, I am going to throw one hell of a party!!

Karen x 


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Hi ladies 


Thanks for taking the time to reply.  I am more worried about the treatment than I am about actually having cancer.  Fear of the unknown I guess an more so because I've got 6 kids I'm worries about not been able to look after. It so good to hear that you are both doing well. Karen wow 25 years that deffo deserves a party!!!


Rachel xx

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