Understanding my results

Hello everyone,

I wondered if anyone can help me in understanding my report as it’s not easy for me to understand. I can’t work out how much was removed and how this will impact me throughout a pregnancy. I am 9 weeks pregnant and utterly terrified.
** all names and places have been removed**

Site/Nature of Specimen:


Clinical Details:


Macroscopic Details:

LLETZ: An irregularly shaped piece of grey tan moderately firm tissue measuring 23.5x20x15mm. The OS is slit shape and plugged with mucous.

Al & A6: Deep lateral edges embedded on cut surface.

A2 - A5: Rest of specimen.

6-6, АТ

Microscopic Details:

The cervical ILETZ which includes the transformation zone shows focal

CIN 1 and very focally CIN 2 in a strip of free floating epithelium (block Al best seen in level 4). This is starting to cut out.

CIN is clear of the ectocervical, endocervical and deep lateral margins.

There is no CGIN, SMILE or invasive malignancy.


Cervix, LLETZ: CIN 1 and Focal CIN 2. Completely excised.

Hi Lauren,

Best to discuss with your GP and midwife about any impacts on your pregnancy, but lots and lots of people have had LLETZ and gone on to have perfectly safe pregnancies. They can offer interventions and keep a closer eye on you if they think it’s necessary.

The report reads to me as very positive, mild changes (CIN1) with a few spots of CIN2 within the abnormal patch. The report seems confident that the abnormal cells have been completely removed.

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