Results help please

Hi there, I'm hoping for a little advice or info please.

I had my colposcopy in 2015, which resulted in a Lletz. At the time the surgeon said all went well and nothing more.

I'm currently pregnant again so have had to request my notes for the consultant and I'm concerned about what's written there and if anyone can translate for me please?

it says: cin 1 in 5 pieces, cin 3 in 3 pieces and in 2 of them with glandular involvement. High grade cin is incompletely excised at the endocervical margin in 2 pieces. High grade cin is present into the endocervical canal.

final diagnosis: cin3 with glandular involvement incompletely excised at endocervical margin.

what does this all mean? Surely if they were unable to remove all of the precancerous cells they should have informed me immediately? I'm really nervous now about what could or will happen and angry that they refused my request for a hysterectomy.

thanks for reading xx 

Was the final result after the LLETZ? If so it does sound like you should have had further treatment. Can you call the colposcopy department to find out?