Third LLETZ?

Hi Ladies,

I was told in Feb that I had CIN3 so I had a LLETZ done the same day as the colposcopy. I found out a few weeks later that the margins were not clear and I also had CGIN and I needed to have a second LLETZ done. I had that done this week. If they still dont get clear margins, do they go for a third LLETZ or what is the next step does anyone know? Also, its probably a silly question, but when you have the LLETZ done, are they removing cells from your cervix, or are they actually removing part of your cervix? Like, I am thinking, what happens if I have so many LLETZs done that I have no cervix left?


Any info would be greatly appreciated xx


17/1/15 - Smear

29/1/15 - Smear results - abnormal

16/2/15 - Informed it was CIN3. Had colposcopy and LLETZ at same time. Had infection for weeks afterwards.

9/3/15 - Received letter to come back in 3 weeks.

30/3/15 - Informed margins were unclear and also have CGIN and that 2nd LLETZ needs to be done but need to wait to heal from first one.

6/5/15 - Second LLETZ done. Awaiting results.


Hiya.. your story is very similar to mine. I had biopsies  taken in January which revealed a mixture of CIN1/2/3 and cancercous cells and was graded as 1a1. I had my first LLETZ on 11 February. I was told that the tumour measured 6mm but with no clear margins on one edge of the biopsy so was booked in for another LLETZ. I was told that the LLETZ removed a biopsy of tissue from the cervix which measured 10mm x 10mm x 15mm so from this I am assuming they cut away a piece of cervix. I was told that the cervix regrows so not to worry. I then had to have a second shallow LLETZ becaues of the 'unclear margins' which I think was a similar procedure, but not so deep. This biopsy result showed no evidence of malignancy but CGIN3 cells which they said they have also removed.

Hopefully your results will show clear margins too. I am hoping for IVF treatment later in the year so that is why they were just 'nibbling' away at my cervix as they need to save it. Othewise, I think I would have had more cervix removed.

Being seen again in Colposcopy in 6 months for repeat smears and cytology. Worrying like mad now - can't seem to get it out of my head. What if the cancer comes back / what if the cells are elsewhere that they have missed...just wanting to find a way of stopping worrying but its so hard.

Cathryn xx

Hi KattyKit,


i don't know if I can answer your question but I wanted to share my experience which is similar. CGIN certainly seems to be a tricky blighter to get rid of.

i had an abnormal smear in March this year and being lucky enough to receive private healthcare through work the process has zipped along quite quickly for me.   My biopsy revealed high grade CGIN and I had my lletz/ hysteroscopy on the 23rd of April.  Unfortunately I didn't have clear margins for CGIN ( although they did find some CIN2 that they excised entirely) and I am to undergo a 'cold knife cone' on the 11th June. He has said that a further cone may be necessary although I am really hoping not. This process is feeling never ending and emotionally draining (a horrible post lletz infection is not helping!!! ) My consultant did say I have a large cervix which is helpful as they can take more away.  I am also keen to preserve my fertility so I'm not sure how much that factored into his advice.

My understanding is that they are taking away part of your cervix but it may be worth putting those questions to your consultant.  I tell all mine to my partner pre appointment as I invariably forget as soon as I am in the room.  


Good luck !!!