Hi All. 


I have recently had LLETZ for ? CIN3, today I’ve heard off my gp as I’m still waiting for my results 4 weeks on. 




Lletz result:

Macroscopic examination:   Loop of cervix 20 x 20 x 15 mm.






This means that I’ll need further treatment? 

Is there a certain time frame they wait until further treatment? 

How much is normally removed? 



Thank you xx 

Hi, so normally they look for clear/negative margins around the sample they removed. It sounds like yours was not a clear margin. I imagine you'll hear from the colposcopy department soon for further lletz although it can be that the the burnt area around the sample was enough to clear it. Sometimes they invite you back in 6 months but I think likely they'll call you back for further colposcopy and treatment in the next few weeks. If I were you I'd call the colposcopy department direct to find out the plan. X


I didn’t have clear margins after my first LLETZ either. I had a second one about 6/7 weeks later after I’d healed from the first. With that one I got clear margins! I don’t think he meant to take as much as he did but in total I had 5cm of cervix taken away! 

They will let you heal before they perform another LLETZ. I’ve heard of some people just go back in 6 months for their test of cure as some hospitals think the cauterising may have been enough to get rid of any remaining abnormal cells.

I’m sure they would be happy to advise you if you call them directly.


Good luck x

Thank you both for your replies. 

I will ring them, I am still awaiting a letter from them regarding this. 

I have already have had one preterm baby due to having a short cervix, I was hoping for this to be clear and no more treatment ☹️, but I’ve got to be grateful. 

Thank you xx 


I had LLETZ on the 01/02/19 and I'm waiting for results, should be in 4 weeks. I wasn't sure how they would determine if they successfully removed all the cells but reading the other responses about margins etc kind of makes sense. 

Regarding your question, my doctor said if I needed further treatment to remove the cells it would be about 3 months after the initial treatment. This is to let the cervix heal again before another treatment  

Good luck with everything :)

Thank you for that Leanne, we never really discussed if I didn’t have clear margins. I just really want this all out the way now, I’ve found it all very stressful just like everyone really. 

Its been 4 weeks today and I’ve still had no results from the hospital, it’s quite poor how long we have to wait in the UK xx