Two weeks post lletz help needed

Hello I am new here and had a few questions for the ladies who have already been through this.

Basically I had my lletz under GA on the 18th. Everything went fine and I was actually thinking that I had done well having no pain or major bleeding.

About 5 days after the lletz I started having some cramping and the bleeding got heavier although still barely enough for a pad.

The pain settled but the bleeding didn't stop and on Thursday I woke up and found I had bled quite heavily in the night. It was brown so I am assuming it was old blood and it was about what you would expect from a heavy period. I had no bleeding during the day but on that night again I had heavy bleeding and this time it was a mixture of brown and red and I was also getting pain going from my tummy into my groin and into the top of my leg. I called the colposcopy unit and they said to take ibuprofen for the pain and that the bleeding was normal. I was still concerned so I called my GP and have an appointment for Thursday. 

After a day the pain settled and is now nowhere near as bad but the bleeding is concerning me. At the moment I had small but bright red bleeds during the day then in a morning I either wake up to a heavy brown or red bleed. It doesn't have a gross smell it just has a strong period smell if you know what I mean.


My period is t due for two weeks so could this be my period early or is this kind of bleeding normal after lletz. I went to the bathroom just now and there is bit of red spotting on the pad but quite a bit when I wipe.

I am just feeling really wiped out by this now. I had only just finished a period and then had this done and have been bleeding ever since. I am at the docs in Thursday to get checked out but I just needed a bit if reassurance. I should also mention that the pain seems to be mainly on my right side and feels a bit like stitch And it isn't there all the time it comes and goes.


sorry if any of this was tmi i just didn't know where else to turn. 

I think the bleeding souds normal, at least from my experience.  I've been bleeding since my LLETZ on March 6th and it's now April 2nd.  I ended up in hospital because I was going through a pad in under 30mins!  Mine is the same now as you are describing, not too bad but worse when you wipe, but it still isn't too bad at all.  Had all kinds of different blood too, brown, red, the lot.  They told me at the LLETZ that you should expect to bleed off and on for up to 6 weeks, and anything after that isn't normal.  I guess the main problem for you is the pain?  Maybe it is healing pain, but if it gets real bad maybe try and see someone sooner, (although I'm aware it is Thursday tomorrow anyway).


Hope that helps a bit.

Thanks for the reply :)

i went to the docs today and he said he didn't think I had an infection but he has prescribed me some antibiotics just in case.

They actually gave me those when I had the LLETZ done, I don't know if they always do this?  It's a good idea though.  Prevention is better than a cure!  Wishing you a speedy recovery.

I think it would be an excellent idea to always give antibiotics as standard at the LLETZ appointment, I had to go to my own GP but even she said it would make more sense to give them at the time of treatment as a precautionary measure. 

I had my LLETZ nearly two weeks ago and the bleeding has suddenly gotten heavier in the last couple of days and its bright red. I'm hoping that its a combination of the normal healing process and my period nearly being due. It sounds like its just your body healing, best thing is to keep an eye on it. My colposcopy nurse said I could call her any time on the number on the back of the information leaflet...maybe if you have a similar contact number try that? It might be quicker and more useful than trying your GP. Wish you the very best of luck in your healing :-)

Antibiotics should defiantly Be given as a prevention after all Lletz treatments

i had my Lletz five days ago and the bleeding has got heavier and the pain is a whole lot worse it's not cramp but a constant stabbing sharp pain in my side and pelvis

went to my GP this morning (in my sweats) I can't wear anything that'll put any sort of pressure on my stomach! Lol and he prescribed me some

antibiotics hope your feeling better xx