TTC but low grade dyskaryosis + HPV (pregnancy mentioned)

Hi, I had a smear on 4th March and a couple of days ago I received a letter to advise that my result was abnormal.

It says that I have low grade dyskaryosis and there was evidence of HPV infection.

I have been referred for a colposcopy and await my appointment letter.

It has shocked me as we had just agreed to start trying to our second baby.

Is it likely that I won't need treatment as it is low grade? Should we put off trying for a baby and wait for the all clear?

How seriously am I supposed to take this! I have been on a rollercoaster reading different things. At first I was so scared I was sick, then I felt silly, then I felt a little scared again, now I just don't know. You get told not to worry, but then you hear horror stories and think that could very well happen to you.

Thanks for listening xx




Im pretty much feeling the same as you... i found out my results (borderline with hpv) a week ago and i have been on an emotional roller coaster ever since... as soon as colposcopy was said to me, my mind went into overdrive. Reading the info hear though has been so helpful though and calmed me a lot.

Personally, i think you should wait until after your colposcopy.  Although low grade, if there is a large area they may want to do a lletz and from what I have read, that cant be done if you are pregnant... for me, that would probably make me panic the entire way through pregnancy.  Do you know what hospital you have been referred to? If you call them they might be able to give you an idea of how long you are likely to wait for your referral...

Sorry I cant be more helpful x

Try not to worry yourself too much ladies, I myself like you plan to try for another baby soon. Unfortunately I suffered with a misscarriage last october and was recently given the all clear to try again after investigations into why I was miscarrying, then I received my smear test results back and have been on an emotional rollercoaster since.

Personally I would pop trying on hold until all your tests come back clear, you dont want to put yourself or unborn at risk if you were to get pregnant.

My smear both like yours came back with borderline changes and high risk hpv, I went for my colposcopy on the 16thMarch to be told yes they could see the changes, only mild but high in risk. She took some biopsys to be sent off for further investigation and told me I would need an operation to remove the cells she had found so they wouldnt progress into anything more serious, as if left to progress could possibly do so but not for a very long time. Unfortunately she would not be able to do this operation under local anaesthetic that same day because they were in an awkward area located higher up in my cervical canal and would be too uncomfortable for me to go through, so I would have to come back to have it under a general anaesthetic.  I was also told I would receive my biopsy results within 4 weeks, they came in 3. Only to be told that my biopsy results came back normal. Unfortunately for me I now have to await for the Drs to hold a multi disciplinary meeting to see what will happen next, as the findings contradict themselves as my colposcopist thinks she had seen high grade precancerous cells, so now its another wait on my hands for I dont know how long. I am rather relived I do not currently need to operation now, as was worried about them operating on my cervix and still wanting to be able to carry a child. It doesn't mean I will not need it, but to have normal biopsy results is definitely a sigh of relief.

Therefore I wouldnt reccomended getting pregnany whilst having to go through this process, regardless of how serious or not it maybe. It can be very stressful. My head is all over the place again now.

I wish you both the best with your colposcopys and hope nothing serious is found x