Low grade dyskaryosis and hpv- a little confused

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can help me as o feel a little bit worried and don't really have anyone to turn to at the moment as I don't want to tell family about what's going on as they have enough on their plate. I had my smear and the results came back as Low grade dyskaryosis and hpv. So I was called to the hospital where the consultant said before the colposcopy that I shouldn't worry as I was only 28 and she was sure it would be nothing serious and she was sure she wouldn't need to do a biopsy.She said that at my age unless it was something serious they wouldn't need to treat me because they like to avoid it because it can increase chances of miscarriage. Anyway, they did the colposcopy and she told me half way through she would need to do a biopsy. At the end she told me she thought that there was CIN2 or 3 and that he results would be back to me soon. I was so thrown by the fact that she had told me it would be nothing that I didn't really ask questions. Since then I've obviously looked up and read a lot on line but it's left me with questions. For example, someone I knew from work had abnormal cells and went to the same hospital where they treated her straight away, so why couldn't they do this for me? Also I just feel a bit overwhelmed about what might happen next. She told me just to wait for a letter, but how long on average does that take? I don't really know much about what's going on just feel very confused. I think the fact she told me it would be nothing at the start and then had to do a biopsy really through me. Any help would be much appreciated. Xx

Hi, its completely understandable to feel overwhelmed and confused - it can be an overwhelming process, particularly with the waiting in between letters. I can share my story so far just so that you have an idea of timings and treatment... I'm also 28 and got my routine smear test results in September, which showed borderline changes with HPV. At colposcopy in October, they took biopsies and I was told there was just a small abnormality. Fast forward three weeks, I had a letter confirming CIN2 and that my case was being referred to an MDT meeting where they would agree further management of my case. Oh my gosh the panic set in at that point! A week and a half later, I got another letter saying that the outcome of the MDT was for me to have a repeat colposcopy in February - so I'm assuming they are waiting to see if it will go away on its own. Every case is different and I guess a lot of factors are taken into consideration before next steps are agreed i.e. your age, if you've had children etc. That's probably why they didn't treat you on the spot. A results letter can take anywhere up to six weeks so try and keep yourself occupied in the meantime because it's quite easy to work ourselves up while we wait. Please keep us posted on how you get on.x