TTC after laser (children mentioned)

hi All! Diagnosed with CIN3 and scheduled for laser treatment June 9. Nurse told me to wait 3-4 weeks after the procedure to have sex. I am just wondering how soon can I try to conceive? We are wanting to have lots of children, already blessed with a one year old baby girl but after this diagnosis we are going to try to move forward quick with having babies! I ovulate two weeks after my laser.. too soon? I have long cycles so preferably don't want to miss opportunities! Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you :) 

Only had the lletz myself 2 weeks ago and what I have read on this is normally people wait till the follow up smear 6 months later, your not meant to have baths, sex use tampons for 4-6 weeks after as it takes that long for your cervix to heal, they can cause infection and healing time could be way longer, so ya 2 weeks later is way too soon, you need to make sure ur body is ready so give it time to heal 

I jiller and Mandy pls tell me how your cones went, were you in a lot of pain after wards just been for a lap the pain wasn't bad just took dill day 6 to move without pain. Thank you