wait for smear or ttc?

hi guys,

I'm new to site, basically I'm havin a tough time with my treatment for cin 3, or lack of. My son was born in 2015 and shortly after i had my post partum smear which showed cin 3. I was shocked as my smear during my pregnancy had showed cin 1 and I was assured that although it wouldn't go away it wouldn't worsen but it had. 

    I was sent to colposcopy within about 6 weeks of smear results and had 3 pinch biopsy done which confirmed the diagnosis so i had to return to the clinic within six months to have it dealt with. At this appointment the consultant said he thought that he could take off the entire area with pinch biopsy and took another 6 biopsies. i then returned in another 6 months and he completed a smear and took another 3 biopsies  as the area seemed to have resolved (just to be sure). 

This test then came back with minor changes cin 1/2 so he decided to wait a further 6 months. At this point I had had 5 appointments with colposcopy and was pretty fed up and slightly anxious that it was taking so long when a family memeber in same situation in another trust had had a lletz within first 6 months and no longer had to see the clinic after a year.

then after my 6 month wait i went back and discovered that it was now cin2/3 and he decided to do cold coagulation (nobody else i know has had this) and told me to return in 6 months again. now the cold coagulation was pain free and the healing uncomplicated and the biopsies had been brutal and still can't understand why he decided to use any of these methods over lletz? 

but after this treatment me and hubby decided that now i should finally be clear that we could try for baby two as we had been putting this on hold due to treatment. I went to seee my gp and she wrote a letter to colposcopy clinic and they sent me a letter back saying under no circumstances was i to get pregnant and to use effective contraception until i was reviewed. i asked my gp to contact them and explain that I was eager to press on as I have fertiltiy issues and could i possibly be seen any earlier.

the clinic then invited me for an early appointment at my gps request. I got my hopes up that I might get a straight answer after nearly 3 years of putting our family on hold but when i arrived the consultant refused to look at my cervix and was quite rude about my fertility concerns saying that waiting until nov for my usual appointment would put any great strain on my fertility and that 32 was young for family planning  (not last time is checked?). he made me feel like a hysterical woman who was wasting his time and Im so upset about this as its easy for him to say this but it could take a year to get pregnant or my results could be bad and I might have to wait, I just wanted to know where i stood???

last night i lay awake wondering who was this man and who was he to play god with my fertility??? Hes not my husband, hes not in my household and the likelyhood of needing treatment during my pregnancy is highly unlikely??? I want to ttc i don't want to wait anymore and i'm getting to desperation. has anyone any advice???

Perhaps it is worth asking the consultant why you have received the treatment you have rather than LLETZ as there may be good reason. 

Also if you feel the consultant's bedside manner is poor so would put a letter of complaint in to PALS. I have a wonderfully caring female consultant but have heard of many male doctors who are uncaring and lack empathy or understanding. 

Could you ask to change to a different gynae consultant? 


Also if you were I get pregnant they would still monitor you throughout so why they have said you are not under any circumstances to get pregnant I don't really know. 

Good luck getting it sorted.

I'm not sure what happens if I get pregnant, he wasn't willing to discuss my pregnancy plans just to abstain until review. And when I had asked previously about why it had taken so long for treatment they simply told me it was because I was young. I was left very cross as I would have like o continue my family awhile ago