I hope ive posted this in the right place. I had a smear test in February, showed high grade dyskariosis  then a colposcopy and biopsy in April with showed CIN3. I'm provisionally booked in for laser treatment in July. 

however, this month we've had a mishap and I've just found out I am pregnant. What are my options? do I go to the GP and tell him? Or do I ring the consultant? 

Its thrown me off completely :(

Hi I think you should ring the clinic and see they can advice you on what to do as far as I know I think they wait till after you have the baby but I could be totally wrong 

Hi there, i have CIN 3 and am currently 22 weeks pregnant, they will likely monitor you throughout the pregnancy with colposcopys, i have had 2 so far and things have stayed the same, i will have another at 28 weeks, treatment will usually be postponed until after babies born, i have been told by my colsultant that 6 weeks after i give birth they will repeat the smear because sometimes giving birth can get rid of some of the cells rather then jumping straight into treatment, hope this helps x