severe dyskaryosis (cin3) after 6 months follow up

Hi im new here. My first smear came back in november with severe changes, I went for a colposcopy which wasn't the best expereience for me and i got my results back a gruling 8 week later saying cin3 and hpv present with clear margins. After 6 months i felt better went for my follow up smear and the doctor said my cervix looked great. I thought well thats great news it must be gone! well after 9 weeks of waiting i got a letter saying emergency colposcopy booked( which is tomorrow!) and severe changes detected. (i thought no news was good news!) To be honest it scared me abit, has anyone else had cin3 recurring in such a short time? I want another child ( i have one to a previous partner) and my boyfriend is desperate to be dad. Should we start thinking about ttc? Is it a use it or lose it situation? any help, advice or similar situations would help thank you. 


Hi how did u get on with this?  Iv just been told i have to go back 6 months after a letz as its severe.  

Hiya, they told me to have reoccurant cin3 after 6 months is really rare(2%chance) just waiting for follow up smear now I had second lletz and biopsy and was confirmed to be cin3 again. The doctor advised us to start trying as soon as poss. Just trying to be healthy as i can now  stopped smoking ecig taking loads of vitamins and praying for good news in Feb x