Ive just received my letter it says i have high grade dyskariosis(moderate) all the treatments sound horrific!!!!!! can someone just give me a honest opion of how bad these treatments really are?

ive spoken to my nurse at the doctors and to be honest she sounded a little rushed (must have been a busy day) ive got my 1st appointment at the hospital on 18th september it seems like its forever away!!! 

Hi Amy,

Please dont panic! I had the same result as you and had my colposcopy appointment 2 weeks later

i was terrified but there is nothing to worry about. You just lie back on a very comftable chair the nurse has a look at the abnormal cells

and then removes them with a tiny electrical wire, it doesn't hurt at all because they numb your cervix first. My Appiontment

was at 9am and i was on my way home at 9:40 and that includes having a chat with the nurse beforehand and then a cup of tea with the nurse afterwards.

You then just have to have a smear about 6 months later at your GP surgery.

Hope this helps Xxx



Hi Simone 

Thank you so much for your response what was it like when you got home? 

Ive been realy fortunate that my boss has given me a few days off after the appointment.


To be honest i was fine when i got home. I had a little sleep for a couple of hours but that was more to do with the fact that i

had been up since 5 that morning worrying about it. Which was daft because it really is nothing to worry about, Its not much different to having a smear to be honest

 it just takes a bit longer. I had some light bleeding for about 4 days and then a watery discharge for another few days but you will be told all about what to expect

afterwards by the nurses. I went out for a meal that night with my boyfriend and was back at work the next day completely back to normal.

What time is your appointment? xxx

It's Thursday 18th September at 10.50am thank you so much for all your help it really is reassuring x