Only 23 high grade severe dyskariosis

Hi all, just wanted to share whats been going on as I'm petrified at the moment, I started feeling unwell beginning of this year sharp pains,recurrent uti, pain during sex and also slight bleeding after sex. I've only just turned 23 however I have got a daughter who is 5 in November so feel I should of really had smear test already ,I kept asking my gp for a smear test and he refused me several times ,gave me an examination and Sti swabs which were clear and said I had slight cervical erosion also sent me to hospital for scan of ovaries and womb everthing fine but still getting pain,in the end I got so fed up with asking I went to a private clinic and paid 95pounds to which my results came back a week later highgrade severe dyskariosis,all Ive thought ever since is that ive got cancer as ive had symptoms And my results come back like that. also furious because surely under 25 or not my gp could of and should of  referred me to hospital for smear/colposcopy?! So I went back to gp who has now sent and referred me to Colpscopy but my appointment wasn't until the the 24th of this month so I wemy privately again Another 820 as I don't have health insurance.i had colpscopy and lletz treatment this evening I looked on the screen and saw a quite a few white dotted cells (abnormal)on the screen and they told me not to look at it. The doctor didnt really tell me what it was,he said it didn't look cancerous but I asked him if it's definitely cin3 and he said he thought it was But he can't be sure until result.I'm so's my little girls first day at school tomorrow and all I can think is ive got cancer in quite a lot of discomfort and pain from treatment and I can't sleep , just want these results!!! Im back to work next week but just so worried I'll get a phone call saying I've got it :(. if it's bad how long does it take for them to get in contact?and do you think my gp could of done more for me?! Emma  XXXX 

I also feel let down by my GP.


i wish you well 

Hi emma louise.

the same has happened to me i as a teen mum

i posted on here last year about my concerns and strange symptoms, my symptoms concerned me i went to the docs when i was 23 they made me feel like an idiot asking why i want a smear in the reception area then ultimataly telling me nom the labs would just throw it in the bin.

I know something is wrong have done for many years im now 27,

I left it so long because i was scared because i knew i needed one when i was 23. im now 27 and i only just got my smear 2 weeks ago. And unfortunatly it has come back with severe abnormalities, so colposcopy within the next 5 days.

Some one here told me last year ho important it is to be pro active with your own health even when you are told nothings wrong. I wish i wernt so scared of seeing in black and white what i already knew that way these abnormalities could of been sorted out years ago x