Only just turned 23 highgrade severe dyskariosis

Hi all, just wanted to share whats been going on as I'm petrified at the moment, I started feeling unwell beginning of this year sharp pains,recurrent uti, pain during sex and also slight bleeding after sex. I've only just turned 23 however I have got a daughter who is 5 in November so feel I should of really had smear test already ,I kept asking my gp for a smear test and he refused me several times ,gave me an examination and Sti swabs which were clear and said I had slight cervical erosion also sent me to hospital for scan of ovaries and womb everthing fine but still getting pain,in the end I got so fed up with asking I went to a private clinic and paid 95pounds to which my results came back a week later highgrade severe dyskariosis,all Ive thought ever since is that ive got cancer as ive had symptoms And my results come back like that. also furious because surely under 25 or not my gp could of and should of  referred me to hospital for smear/colposcopy?! So I went back to gp who has now sent and referred me to Colpscopy but my appointment wasn't until the the 24th of this month so I wemy privately again Another 820 as I don't have health insurance.i had colpscopy and lletz treatment yesterday evening I looked on the screen and saw a quite a few white dotted cells (abnormal)on the screen and they told me not to look at it. The doctor didnt really tell me what it was,he said it didn't look cancerous but I asked him if it's definitely cin3 and he said he thought it was But he can't be sure until result.I'm so's my little girls first day at school tomorrow and all I can think is ive got cancer in quite a lot of discomfort and pain from treatment and I can't sleep , just want these results!!! Im back to work next week but just so worried I'll get a phone call saying I've got it :(. if it's bad how long does it take for them to get in contact?and do you think my gp could of done more for me?! Emma  XXXX 

Hiya hunni I'm 23 had more or less the same thing happen to me as you, bleeding after sex, running or any other actvity that causes any pressure down there, numerous sti tests and told I have erosion, I knew something was wrong as I kept getting back pain ( I'm 23 not 53 ) and just knew It wasn't right, they sent me to Colp to get cauterised for the Erosion where they did a smear and biopsy and found cin3, still have no results as of yet BUT if it is cancer it's been found I dread to think what would have happened if they left me till 25! 

I think our Gps failed us and il be making a formal complaint! X

This sounds so like me, I've had back pain too, and feeling very lathargic at times usually I have a lot of energy.i did the obvious things I put into Google everything that was happening all of my symptoms and it came up with cervical cancer! I think something should be done on age. But yes all you can think is how long have my cells been at cin3 ?! and especially if you've had symptoms and results like that, it's terrifying. my gp has failed me 100% , sounds like yours has too. They can refer you over to hospital ?! It wasn't until I handed them my results that they did anything otherwise it would still been like that,if I'd listened to gp and had smear done at 25 doesn't bear thinking about as I dont really know what's happening now! Did you have the lletz treatment? Xxx

Hi Emma, I'm so sorry to hear you have had quite a difficult process just to get to this point - I don't understand the waiting until you're 25, it's making me quite angry to see how many young women are experiencing this when (I am in New Zealand) my GP told me you should be getting cervical screenings from the time you are 18 if you are sexually active.

Try to focus on the positives, the doctor said it didn't appear to be cancer (I was told the same thing & it turned out to be right), I also had some symptoms so was terrified they were going to find some hidden cancer cells, but apparently the symptoms of cervical cancer can be sympomatic of several different things so don't let yourself assume the worst.  The LLETZ itself does cause period type pain that will become worse if you overexert yourself so make sure you are getting plenty of rest.

I have seen stories of women on this site who have had cervical cancer detected & it has been successfully removed/treated & they are now cancer free.  If they do find it they should be in touch with you very quickly, probably within a few days.

Most likely all the abnormalities you had have already been removed, so try to focus on looking after yourself & spend as much time as you can doing things you love that will help you to relax & stay positive.  Waiting for results is hard on everyone, it's normal to be afraid, but in most cases it thankfully turns out to be unneccessary.

*hugs*, best of luck for your results, let us know how you go. 

Hi sorry to but in. I'm 22 (23 next month). I have had 2 babies in the last two years so I had my first smear in feb. It came back abnormal so I had a follow up six months later with the same result. I had my colposcopy done today and they have taken 3 biopsies that the doctor said looked possibly high/severe? I have to wait a minimum of 3 weeks for my results and am feeling worried. Everyone seems to be being very relaxed and not bothered about the whole thing but I feel a bit differently. I smoked heavily up until I fell pregnant with my babies and I had more than a few sexual partners before I met my fiance. Just wanted to share that we all seem to be in the same boat. With my young age I am hoping it is nothing!