Moderate dyskarosis - terrified


i had a first smear at 25 which was normAl and waited 8 years before having another one because i found the experience awful! feeling invaded etc. after 2nd test (at 34) I got a letter within two weeks just with the word 'changes' and saying I needed a colposcopy! Instant panic! It has taken me eight phone calls to even get the word 'moderate changes' from my gp. I have been in tears every day (not normal for me!!). Being given no info I began Internet research which has made me even more terrified with talk of biopsies, acid/ vinegar being applied, pieces cut out of my most sensitive area :( I can't believe in one week I have gone from thinking everything was fine to reading info on cancer. 

My colposcopy letter was dated the same day as my smear test result- another meltdown. Why so soon??


worried about everything from losing my amazing boyfriend because I'm not myself to the pain of the treatment to the results. 

my appointment is this thur 17/09 and am supposed to be going on hold 2.5 weeks after that and don't want to have the treatment I will most likely need since the recovery period is 4 weeks!!!! Is there much harm to be done waiting 4 further weeks to treat??

any advice or words of support would be gratefully received 


Hold should says hols 

Hello! You sound in exactly the same state of panic and worry I was in this time 3 weeks ago. But honestly, please try not to be as none of this is nearly as bad as it seems right now :) I received a letter 3 weeks ago after my second smear test telling me I had high grade changes and need to go in to the hospital for treatment. I had no idea what treatment it would be and spent the weekend googling before my appointment on the Monday.  Nothing anyone said could calm me down either! But it was fine :) I had severe changes, which is one up from what your smear has identified, but the treatment is the same. I had a colposcopy and loop excision to remove the cells. It was all over and done with in 20 min, and by that I mean walking through the door of the nurses room and leaving. The colp and loop itself took 10 minutes and didn't hurt, just a bit uncomfortable. The nurse was wonderful and calmed me down so much. You then need to wait for the results to confirm the grade and that it's all been removed, I got mine on Friday and it confirmed that had severe changes but they were all removed and no cancerous cells. Please try not worry, it so so unlikely that you have cancer and it's great that they have found these changes now so they can be sorted out. I know the idea of them prodding around down there isn't nice...but it's honestly not that bad. You will be fine and you will be fine for your holiday, they just advise not to swim or do strenuous exercise for 2 weeks (or sex for 4 weeks) xxx

I had the loop procedure just under two weeks ago, was meant to go in August but was away on holiday 

so re arranged i had cin2 so medium changes I think. I read into it too much and scared myself. However I personally found it very painful

i have had three births so I don't know why but we are all different. I'm still waiting for my results. I've been bleeding now for just over a

week, have had a few pains now and again but like period pains. I felt fine the next day but they told me no sex for four weeks and no swimming

for four weeks and to use sanitary towels and not tampons. My bf split up with me before i went on holiday so that was more of an emotion. 

However I am so glad I've had this treated as anything to prevent cervical cancer in the future is a positive. 

When do you go on holiday ? Much thoughts maz