So after being told last week that I would be getting my CT scan this week and treatment would be starting 23rd. I got s letter through saying my scan isn’t until 19th and treatment doesn’t start until 1st Dec. Just feel let down yet again. When I first got diagnosed the doctor said that from diagnosis to treatment would be 5 weeks but it actually takes us to 10 weeks and then she said she would sort the scans out that day which she failed to do and wasn’t dealt with until the following week when I went to see the oncologist. The nurse is saying it’s the normal time scale which I understand but people shouldn’t be telling me one thing and doing another. Got myself all geared up and my head thinking I’ll be getting treatment soon. But after getting the letter I have done nothing but cry,I just feel like a number and no one cares. I’ve remained pretty positive until now. The waiting is terrible but it just seems a lot worse now. I just want it to be over and done with so I can back to normality,well as normal as things can be,just want this big dark cloud away from me.
Sorry I’ve ranted there a bit, just feel a bit lost today and don’t know was to do.
Nicola X

HUGS!! :-)

Hey Nicola!

You have a little extra time before treatment :-)

Use it to have fun, you'll be no worse off either way :-)


Be lucky :-)

Thank u. 

After speaking with the nurse who chased it up for me,there was an explanation. If they started treatment on the 23rd it would mean finishing treatment over the Xmas period which would mean a break between treatment ending and getting the brachytherapy which the oncologist doesn't want to happen,she wants it back to back. So at least by knowing that has made me feel a bit better, 

But u are right,more time to enjoy myself which is always good. 

Onwards and upwards :) 

Nicola X 

Nicola I know completely how you feel. I was due an op on 16th Nov and now been pushed back til 11th Dec. It's more hideous waiting. I've spent the afternoon looking at late deal winter sun holidays and there are loads of bargains about so maybe a few days away???

Its horrible when you are Out of control in the system. You said you feel like a number and that no one cares. Having been on this ride for nearly 2 years I agree we are just another one coming through the process but I don't think that stops them caring. I just think when you do it day in day out its easy to forget just how catastrophic it is for the person going through it. 

I will wait alongside you! 


That is some wait. But yeah the waiting is the worse esp when u start gearing urself up for what's round the corner. But u know I think we will do just fine. 

Yeah i know they don't stop caring it was just the way I was feeling. The nurse has been really good and caring and I can't thank her enough for her kindness. 

A few days away,that sounds good and esp if there's some good deals. U should go for it. Once I'm all better I plan on getting a holiday booked somewhere just to celebrate and it's something to look forward to. 

My friend wants to organise a night out with a big group of us,suggested dressing up and I thought maybe superheros,thought that was quite fitting lol. 

Hope u are holding up and big hugs. 

Nicola X 

Hi I just wanted to add to what 365days said above. It's really difficult for medical staff because they have to maintain a level of professional detachment. They can't be your best friend and treat you at the same time. They have to deal with enormous emotional strain and they need to combat that by not becoming too close in the first place. I for one don't envy them the tiniest little bit.

Be lucky :-)

This is to all you wonderful ladies who are awaiting treatment. Just to let you know that there are so many of us out there who are reading these forums, who wish you well and are rooting for each one of you. We have all been through our own journeys with this  disease, and as a "community" of women, are here to support each other. It's a tough time, there's no doubt about it, but with the love and support of this forum, we can win through. Good Luck X

Mel, you are unlikely to be 'really ill' but you may well be very very tired and perhaps a little unwell. If you do nothing at all for the next five weeks except for your treatment that will not be the end of the world, I promise you it can continue to spin without you having to push it ;-) You will be amazed how quickly five weeks passes and once you have finished your treatment you will be missing seeing everyone at the hospital every day.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Mel

I had my treatment about a year ago. Diagnosed in Sept 2014 with 1b1 cc. Had a radical hysterectomy in Oct with lymph nodes removed followed in Nov/Dec by chemo radiation 4 chemo and 25 radio. Didn't get too many symptoms until week three when some nausea set in, but they do give anti emetics which helps. Ginger lozenges, ginger tea and small amounts of food more frequently made eating easier. I tried to rest when I could and not put too many demands on myself.  Spent a lot of time of course in the radiotherapy suite and got chatting to loads of older gents with prostate cancer, and we moaned about having to drink all that water before treatment, but the camaraderie kept us going. It was a relief to get the whole thing underway though, and being able to count down the days felt like you were winning. I finished my treatment on Xmas eve, which was brilliant.  You are nearly there now, so you too can begin to count down to when it's all over. You WILL cope with it and come through the other side :)

I've finished all my treatment at the beginning of October and it was a constant non stop hospital appointments, scans, chemo, radio, bracy and it drove me crazy!!!! (March to October) I nearly turned around and said enough as I was sick of the blood tests the poking and prodding etc but I'm glad it all happened as it did - I was so poorly throughout (I have advanced cc and each person reacts differently!). The last scan I had before my brachy showed my cancer had shrunk to the size of a pea - this is why they want to do the treatment all together so there constantly attacking it and killing it - the treatment will get you down but think of the end result! 

Your not just a number there is always a reason why things get pushed back etc although we're not always told but if you ask you'll get your answers. I hope your treatment goes well for you x

Hi Nicola,

I wanted to wish you luck for the start of your treatment today. As Tivoli said if all you do for the next few weeks is go back and forth to the hospital every day that is ok. 

Do what you can when you can and don't worry about the rest. 

Rach xx

Thank you Rachel57.

Reading your message has made me feel even more determined to fight this. We are not alone and it's a huge help knowing we have support not just from our precious family and friends but also from others who have been there and no exactly what we are going through.