Hi all,

Just had my radiotherapy planning app. Whilst waiting I was sat with loads of old people - I was the youngest by about 30years which got me upset.

App was fine, now have my blue freckles. Totally broke down after it - it really hits me in waves. Radiographer was lovely though. 

How long did you all wait to start treatment? My dr told me it'd be 2-3weeks but by the time I start it will have been 3.5, nearly 4 weeks :/ 

I'm concerned about the tumour being next to my bladder already and waiting this long worries me that it'll affect my bladder too x

I had the exact same concerns that waiting so long may cause some spread.  I will say to you exactly the same as i have said to myself numerous times.  The cancer didn't grow so quick that it is going to suddenly grow and spread further in the ne t few weeks.  This is a relatively short period of time in the grand old scheme of things.  You'll be fine.


Big hugs hun sometimes it's good to have a big cry about it. It's a crap thing that's happened and I think we put too much expectations on ourselves to be strong/brave.  

It probably hit home to you having your appointment that it is all happening.  I know how you feel re worrying about getting bigger it's horrible but it is a slow growing cancer so an extra week won't do anything. They wouldn't leave us otherwise would they. Try and plan some nice things in before it starts so you have some nice distractions.  I keep praying for all us ladies  <3

Rach how are you feeling hun? Hope you are ok xxx

Hi Sarah, 

So glad to see you have a date for your op. Time will fly by, as you've just said fill the next couple of weeks with fun things. Make the most of the beautiful weather!!!

I feel absolutely fine today. Just been to the local pub for lunch which was lovely. Now watching the tennis. Am making the most of feeling well deep in the knowledge that it probably won't last. Day 3 tomorrow, before I know it first week will be done!


Thanks both for the reassurance and support xx


glad you've had a nice day rachel

Art argh iPad!

...and that you have a date rachel x

Hi Sweet Pea,

I'm glad to hear you have finally received your treatment dates, and know what is going to happen now.

I had my 1st Chemo & Radiotherapy today and it wasn't as bad as I had feared,  I guess it's the not knowing what's going to happen that's the worst, I have to say I am very pleasantly surprised that I don't feel any different to how I felt going in there this morning.  

The staff are lovely and put you at ease explaining everything they are going to do and why they do it, I came away with a cupboard full of meds anti-sickness, meds to stop me getting 'bunged up', meds to stop me 'un bunging' & sodium bicarbonate to make a mouth wash with to prevent getting a sore mouth, so they are well on the case.

I received my diagnosis on 4th June, had a PET Scan on 18th and started my treatment today on 30th, as Rach says, 2-3 weeks won't make any difference.

Just take it easy, look after yourself, and stay positive, 

Sending you lots of love & healing thoughts,

Feisty xx

Thanks Feisty x