Waiting - for treament

Hi All, 

Can’t sleep again so here I am. I was wondering how long you all waited from diagnosis to treatment starting?

I was told i have cervical cancer stage 2 possibly 3 on 29th October. I then had PET scan and EUA. On Monday 26th November I was told it was stage 4 because whilst my organs are clear it has spread to a lymph node at top of my body.

Chemo radiation has been suggested  I have yet to hear back from the hospital with my next appointment yet the consultant on Monday gave me impression it would all be imminent. This whole process seems to have take forever, my first colposcopy was 18th September!! 

I just want to get on with it now and find out exactly what it is they are gonna do and when?

Also where is everyone from? I am on the Wirral and will be going to Clatterbridge hospital, is anyone else here near me or attending this hospital for treatment? 



Hi Helen

Thinking of you, I was diagnosed in July and the waiting part is just the worse. I started treatment around 4 weeks after diagnosis and I’m in Cheshire so didn’t go to your hospital but have heard very good reports about them. I hope you get your start date very soon xx

Hi Willow 

What treatment did you have and how did you find it? I have to go for my treatment consultation on Wednesday, my Macmillan nurse thinks it will all start soon. I just want to know for sure what they gonna do, I feel like I’m in limbo. I’m scared of the side effects and how crap im gonna feel xx

Treatment should start within 31 days of a definitive diagnosis. So you only had a definite diagnosis of stage 4-last week so timings are going to plan. It seems like ages when waiting I know and most of us picture the cancer growing inside. But it sounds like your treatment is being planned and you will soon be off.



I had 25 radiotherap, 4 of 5 planned chemo due to low blood counts and 2 15 (ish) hour Brachytherapy sessions, I am a terrible patient and I honestly found the treatment very manageable and nothing as bad as I imagined, my side effects Got managed well by the team, mainly nausea and bowel urgency that started in the third week and i felt tired and just rested when needed, the Brachytherapy aside from the boredom of lying still was no problem either, I think the limbo feeling is worse but once you get your treatment plan and get going you start to focus. I think after my treatment plan appointment I started in about a week and a half so hopefully after Wednesday you shouldn’t have too long to wait, please message me anytime if you would like to chat xx