Travel Insurance

Hi Ladies

I am waiting for my 1st post treatment MRI scan and will receive the results mid August. I wanted to go on holiday the two weeks after results but i'm struggling to get travel insurance to cover me. Has anyone any ideas? 

thanks for your help ladies,




im going on holiday next week (3 weeks after treatment). I have taken my insurance with a company called 'Insurance with' it was a company that was recommended through McMillan, they asked a lot of indepth questions about my treatment, medication etc but the price was only £38 so was absolutely chuffed to pieces as I had been told i would pay £100's.  

Hope you get positive results from your MRI! 

Much love Michelle xx

Hi Michelle

Thanks so much. Do you have their contact details?

j x

Hi Jooles, 

I went to Cyprus for a week at the end of June & I also used Insurance With. I got the Diamond package, no excess, all our electronic items covered & it was for me, hubby & 19 year old son. Cost me £98 for all that. Well worth it. It meant I went away & didn't have to worry about anything.

Their number is 020 3829 3875

At the mo they are very busy so you may need to leave contact details but keep trying & you will either get through or someone will ring you back. Good Luck.

Hope you have a fab time on your hols, I loved mine & it was so nice to have sunshine & warmth.

Flo xx


I went with insure with 

i think they are the best price wise 

have a fab holiday 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

I went to turkey and never declared anything to insurance and I was fine I wouldn't pay extra to them known I was fine