Travel Insurance

I have 1 week left of treatment, Hurrah! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

I really want to book an amazing holiday, given that we have had such a horrendous year, I feel like we deserve a magical holiday. I've got my heart set on Mexico but the insurance is unbelievable. 

I had stage 1b1 radical hysterctomy. 1 microscopic cell found in removed Lymph so I went on the cistplatin, radio route as a precaution. Does this mean I have metastatis cancer? 


I have an appointment with oncology tomorrow but I just wondered if anybody else had this experience. 


Thank you brave ladies x 


i used an insurance company called insurancewith for my holiday 2 weeks after finishing treatment, they were fantastic and recommended by my McMillan nurse! 

Good luck with the last bit of treatment hope all goes well and you can get your holiday xx

Well I will be honest I just went on holiday with normal insurance I had chemo and radiotherapy  and brackatherapy  I never declared the cancer and I've been on 4 holiday abroad now and never said anything leanne

I declared the cancer and my teatment and these were put in as exclusion clauses, so covered for everything else.

I would be wary of not declaring as if you need to make a claim for something else, they can refuse as you have not told them your complete medical history.


Hi Natcog

I use Insurance With & have been on holiday twice in the last 3 months. They are very reasonable & I suggest you declare your cancer, as Suzie B says it could void your cover if you don't declare & need to claim (hopefully not though!)

Have a fab holiday!

Flo xx


Thank you ladies x 

Also, my family have annual insurance with the bank. Do I need us all on one policy?