Insurance for a holiday? Tattoos?

Hi Ladies,

I have just finished my 6th cycle of Carbo/Taxol/Avastin so now soon to be on a well earned rest.
We are planning our 1st ever family holiday (sons are 20 & 23) on June 23rd and I haven’t the foggiest what to do about holiday insurance. My friend has just gone to Australia for 3weeks & declared she had had CC bit was clear now but had a back problem due to a benign tumour, it cost her £2,500!! more than the holiday. I spoke to a lady from the local hospice whi said 95% of her patients do not declare their diagnosis as you are more likely to break your ankle than your cancer affect you seriously while on holiday. I just wanted some thoughts on what to do & maybe someone has had experience of it. Any help would be appreciated please : )

Also I have 2 tattoos on my bucket list that I want to get. Does anyone know how soon after chemo you can get 1? I have heard some stories that people have had them after the same chemo as me but they have turned out awful!! How long do you think I would need to wait until I do it? It’s important as my hubby & I want a matching tattoo for when I am no longer here.

Any help on the 2 matters would be great thank you ladies

Flo xx

Hi Desigmer Flo I travelled 6 weeks after my last carboplatin/taxol dose. It was the best thing I could have done. Helped me forget about everything. I didn't declare my cc as I had on a previous trip. It doesn't seem to matter as they will only pay for treatment of an unrelated issue such as a broken ankle but you do get lost baggage and missed flights benefits. Iatually went to the UK from Australia and we have reciprical rights re healthcare so I knew I wouldn't be out of pocket. All you UK ladies would get free treatment here too. So I'm not sure if you have reciprocal right with another country. Have a great trip.


well done cycle 6 over yes you deserve a holiday and a well earned rest 

I finished my 6th cycle October im in the uk so when ive travelled to Europe I didn't declare it but when I visited Thailand and Sri Lanka I did i Went with a company called all clear 

wait for it lol they charged me a scandalous price of £1461.00 which I paid and never needed but was there just incase I did they also gave me a price for annual insurance of 2700 i had to get my doctor to give me a time scale though to say he had given me longer than 6 months to live 

thanks for that info Jayne I'll be sure not to declare it when I travel to oz 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 


I was wondering about insurance as well, my son is getting married in Poland in June (I’m in the UK). I have another check-up at the end of April so I think I will wait until then before I make enquiries.

Hi Mel 

if your not terminal or palliative like some of us ladies it will be loads cheaper for you I went with tescos before i became pallative and it cost me about £69 on line 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

Hi ladies,

i work in the insurance industry and have done for 11 years - i can not stress strongly enough about declaring all medical conditions as when you don't and you need to use the insurance any information deliberately with held can be a cause for the claim to be declined and them not paying out - the claim could be nothing to do with the condition but they don't care.

the amount of claims I have had to decline because of a valid reason and because i didn't have enough to back up my repudiation and had to back up my decison with something about the policy that they'd missed off is unreal. I work in home insurance and am a claims advisor -I've dealt with travel insurance before although not a great deal. There is a post later on in this forum of a company and I can't think who they are! If you do quote with them ring them because I was very confused by the questions they were asking and if I'm confused I'm sure a lot of you would be too - apparently it was set up by a lady who had cc herself xxx

And about tattoos id wait at least a year before you do as my skin was weird after my chemo and has only just become 'normal' and I am 2years post.

i am having a tattoo soon as well :-)

Hi Flo,

Good to hear from you again. Looks like your questions have been answered, but for what it's worth, I don't even bother with insurance anymore. really wanted to say well done on finishing this bit of treatment and I hope it wasn't too hard on you. Have a wonderful trip with your family wherever you go. Forward planning is so important. Take great care xx

I finished treatments  last March and went to turkey in the summer I never declared cc to expensive and I won't be this year eather I'm off to benidorm in May and won't and I don't know much about the tattoo bit xx enjoy your holiday you will have deserved it love Leanne  xx


Hi, I worked in a travel agency for years and am a regular traveller, I wouldn't recommend travelling without declaring your condition. If you are traveling to an EU country take out an European Health Insurance card (EHIC) they are free and give you entitlement to free healthcare like you would receive here. If you are travelling to a country that isn't within the EU I found from a lady on here a company called, I got a reasonable quote for my forthcoming trip to the Dominican. I am only going to take out a single trip policy but they do offer annual policies. 

Good luck and if you want any help with the holiday message me would love to help, still have that old travel girl in me :)