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hi all,
I do not post on here very often now but always pop in to see how the Jo’s family are doing.
I had treatment 18 months ago for a recurrence after having a hysterectomy in 2006 then going through months of chemotherapy then radiotherapy, the fact tha I have got this far still amazes me, but I’m doing well, now I feel well enough to visit my daughter in Australia has anyone used a travel insurer which gives reasonable cover I’m on 4 month check ups one is due during the time I am meant to go which I will have to postpone for a couple of weeks, this horrible cancer has taken away so much I really don’t want to miss out on my trip of a lifetime!
Any suggestions please
Keep fighting ladies

I've always used normal insurance and excluded the cancer, I couldn't get a reasonable quote to include it I'm afraid.

Love sarah

Hi Debbie,

I have used MIA Online for travel insurance and always found them very reasonable (

I really hope that you have a fantastic trip.


Hi Debbie,

Nice to hear from you and that you are doing well... I tried columbus, they gave me a great quote when I went to tenerife 2 months after my treatment finished. There are a few others like MIA that I hear are good, if you search the old forum there are a few other companies mentioned (thats where I got columbus from lol)

Have an amazing time, I have in the posistive spirit booked a cruise for this June and we are all looking forward to me being given my full year all clear before I go!!

Big hugs

Nic xx

Hi there,

I've used insurewith several times and they've been ok.

have a wonderful trip.

F xxx

Hi lovely ladies,
Thanks for the advice will look these up.
Hope you are all well