critical illness cover


Hi all.

This maybe something that you already know, but i want to mention it in case it helps anyone.
We have a mortgage and when I took it out I took out cover in the event of my death. We also took out a family income policy.  This cover also included critical illness cover.  After some delving about and dusting the cobwebs off my policy documents I found that, once diagnosed with terminal cancer I was entitled to make a claim. This I have done and have just had my claims accepted. Most of our mortgage will be paid off and we will also receive a monthly amount from the family policy before I die. The policys require my life expectancy to be less than 12 months which it currently is. Should I survive beyond that there is no comeback. 

I hope talking about money isnt inappropriate to anyone...I just know that cancer has put a huge financial burden on us. 
I hope this helps someone?? Check your Insurance policies.

Thanks for posting this.

I am really pleased you have peace of mind with this at

such a difficult time.Money issues are a very real issue

for lots of people suffering with cancer.I am amazed how

many things you are entitled to and nobody tells you.

Only the other day I was told about free parking at the

hospital if you have a free prescription card.She only

found out by accident.


I'm assuming people know about PIP? My Macmillan nurse filled out the forms for me. It's not means tested and was done at the same time as she applied for a blue parking badge for me. 


Is this all hospitals or just your local? ive not heard that ne either


I think it's all hospitals x