All Treatment Finished

Good Morning Girlies !!!!!! Well.... Here I am all done ! I came home from my last brachytherapy yesterday morning.  My experience hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be ... Bit of bowel problems, which can only be expected really.. Ended up in hospial just over half way through due to my bowels & needed to be on a drip for a few days, but even that wasn't too bad as it made me rest up & do nothing.

Now for the getting back into getting a bit of fitness back ... I am going to do nothing or the remainder of this week, but am thinking about gradually going on little walks... Starting with to the end of the road & gradually building up... 

I am relieved that its all over, but I have started thinking what if what if .... I am trying not to & know it is human nature to worry & that everyone must go though this all the time's just when you read of reoccurrence etc ... Anyway I need to channel my thoughts elsewhere...

we are wanting to book a holiday to Florida for next May ....what are your thoughts on this girls ? Wait til I hv had my follow up on 2/8... .? Also ... Does anyone know what happens with travel insurance ?

I am going to sign off now by just saying thank you to all you amazing women .... I have so much support from my dear friends, family, work colleagues & health professionals... But there is no way that I could have got through all this the without the wonderful support of you gorgeous girls ... So Thank you...

Sending you all lots of love


x x x x x

Re Travel Insurance.   You may find this prohibitively expensive if you include cancer cover, but if you feel confident in your health you can simply exclude cancer-related problems and then the insurance will be normal price. Also I was told that I couldn't take out an insurance that included ancer cover until 3 months after treatment end. I opted to exclude cancer from the insurance I took out on the basis that in the unlikely event of needing urgent treatment for a cancer related problem, it would be cheaper to simply fly back to the UK early. Incidently, while I was shopping around for cover I found that the specialist companies that advertise as covering major health issues were way more expensive than ordinary insurance companies. Hope that helps.

Congratulations on finishing the treatment and best wishes


Hey Sam, Just wanted to say well done for getting through the treatment and hope you enjoy a good rest!

I’ve not tried to book anything yet but my consultant said they had a list of providers available should I need to, so if you get stuck maybe your cancer nurse can help out?


Hi Samantha

Well done you!! So pleased to read you have got through it. Take it easy though and don't be too hard on yourself in you don't manage all what your head plans to do!!

re insurance. I travelled in March after rad hyst  in december using a company called 'its so easy' I had to go through medical questions related to cc  but the main ones being is your treatment finished and are you on strong painkillers.

I was covered for cc for 10 day holiday in indian ocean for £54  I understand some may say cc is not an emergency so you could travel with it excluded but i was very concious I had  just had a major op and there was the possibility of delayed complications.

Have already booked for next January and its cost £45 for 12 days with the same company.

Best wishes and hope you manage to book something after you have had your followup appointment in August.

Kath xx