To HRT or not HRT

HRT dilemma. Help!

I had my RH 6 months ago. I wasn't put on HRT straight away as I had my surgery at the Royal Marsden & they don't do HRT so they referred me to my local hospital. It was 4 months before I got an appt & in that time I started getting hot flushes & night sweats etc so I started taking supplements. Due to complete incompetence from my local hospital I am only now actually being prescribed HRT. My dilemma is my hot flushes seem a lot less than they were & I guess manageable & in myself I feel fine after 6 months. But I think HRT would be beneficial for my long term health as discussed with my oncologist & gynae as I'm 45. I'm worried if the HRT doesn't agree with me & I stop taking it after a while I will be hit with menopause all over again & the horrid hot flushes etc. I kind of don't want to mess with me feeling OK as I am but I kind of want to try it as it might make me feel even better. But it might make me feel worse.

Any advice? Has anyone started HRT after a period of time in menopause? Did you regret starting it? Should I just carry on as I am if I feel OK? I just don't know! Sorry for the rambling!


Hi Hippjo 

I had a Radical Hysterectomy due to a cervical cancer diagnosis, surgery was 29/1/2018, recovered well from the surgery and then bang straight into a surgical menopause.... I'm 49 and chose not to go on HRT.... I've tried various supplements and can't say whether they work or not to be honest (I mainly forget to take them!... Brain fog :-)) 

I'm exercising more and think my body is now adjusting to this hormonal change , can't believe its coming up to the Anniversary of my surgery!

Personally I'd discuss the options with your GP and do what feels right for you, just remember that you will eventually have to come off of the HRT and it's not a fix  it merely delays the process, some women don't realise this hence why I'm mentioning it. 

Our bodies have gone through a trauma and our brains think we still have our ovaries, hence hormonal overload.  Be kind to yourself and think of your health and wellbeing first and foremost... 

I wish you well 

Nita x



I'm 42 and went into menopause during my treatment, which ended October 2018.  I had about 4 months without HRT, where I experienced hot flashes, once a month dizzy spells and waking up at 3am EVERY night, wide awake, unable to go back to sleep.  The sleeping issue was pretty bad.  My primary care doc said that because bones can weaken from premature menopause it would be best to go on HRT until we guess that I'd normally hit menopause (age 55 is what we're going with).  Once on it, the hot flashes were almost gone, and although I wake up once a night with night sweats, it's not terrible and I can easily go back to sleep.  I've been on it for almost a month now and so far I'm happy to have done it.

I had decided against HRT. I was 33 when I went into menopause from the chemorads. Hot flushes stopped a little over a year, but the brain fog got so bad they had to give me an MRI to rule anything sinister out. I was forgetting so bad and doing random things, I couldn’t even do my job correctly. I have also lost an alarming amount of muscle tone.  I turned 35 in December and started HRT like 2 months ago. The doctor assured me at my age it was more dangerous to NOT be on them. However if I were older, I would have skipped out on them I think.